Tuesday, April 01, 2014


March seemed to pass before I could even blink. I've tried sitting down and blogging multiple times but as per usual life got in the way. I did blog more in March than February but I felt lacking this month for some reason. Even though its only been a week since my last post it felt like a month. I figured I'd kick off April with a new schedule and 2 posts for today.

My previous schedule was Tuesday, Friday and Sunday which I kept up with really well until December. I tried to go back to it in January but failed miserably so I thought "Why not change it up?" I will now post on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays with an occasional random fourth day. This is going to be very loose, I may blog everyday some weeks or only once. It makes it more enjoyable :)

I really like blogging as it connects you with people who share the same interests so I am not going to stop anytime soon but I really just have to give myself more time to write how I want to to and to take part in twitter chats, which I have barely done in March! 

I am just going to take April first as a new chapter and get on that blogging grind with scheduling posts, tweeting. chats, picture taking and editing and planning. I also need to figure out how to fix PicMonkey as its been wonky on me lately. 

Get ready for loads of new content on Lifes Little Things and more posting. I may even upload 2 times a day sometime, depending on how many ideas I have. I will talk to you later today with a new post. Mwah!

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