Sunday, March 23, 2014


Lush is long time beauty blogger favorite so its about time I jump on the train. I have heard so many things about lush products and how wonderful they are but never really went out and tried any of their products. 

I was researching some skin products for acne-prone, sensitive skin and decided to check out the lush website to see what they had. I saw this in the best-sellers and the description intrigued me. "Cosmetic Warrior is kind to problem-laden faces thanks to moisturizing egg whites and honey, which smooth and tighten the pores, and cleansing garlic and tea tree oil for a fresh, clear, happy face" (taken from I checked out some of the reviews and they were nothing but raves! For the cheap price of $6.95 CAD and the good reviews I decided to pop into a lush store and purchase it. 

And let me tell you, that was the best $6.95 I have ever spend! This is my holy grail skin care product right now, It's the most amazing thing I've ever put on my face. 

While I was reading the reviews people said that the smell was absolutely horrendous but I found it quite pleasant actually. I was expecting a extreme garlic smell with eggs but it just smells like clay. I can't really describe it.

The directions say to only use it for 5-10 minutes but I kept it on for about 30-45 minutes and it didn't harm my skin at all and trust me, I have extremely sensitive skin. I used it every day after cleansing my skin with a clarisonic.

It is a chunky mask and its very cooling especially since you have to store it in the fridge. It dries relatively fast but slow enough that you can put it on evenly. It spreads on your skin nicely and isn't overly sticky. The only bad thing is that it only lasts 2 weeks. I kept it a little past the best before date... shhhh!

I instantly found that my face and breakouts were less red and that only improved the longer I used it. My breakouts cleared up in 2-3 days time and were hardly even noticeable. It didn't irritate or burn my skin one bit. It kept my face moisturized as well without making it greasy. My face is so even now its crazy, there is barely any/no red patches or dry spots.

I am beyond blown away by this product and I would recommend it to anyone with acne prone, uneven skintone, dry skin, sensitive skin and oily skin. If you have access to a Lush Store go out and buy it now or buy it here!
Whats your number one skin care product?

Saturday, March 22, 2014


Wanderlust: a strong, irresistible desire to wander, travel and explore the world. Traveling is one of the greatest things to experience is your lifetime. You open your eyes to other parts of the world and their issues and it gives a different look at life and the world. It's so fun to wander and travel around a foreign place and discover those unknown treasures. 

I decided to put together a list of all the places I want to travel to in my lifetime. I would love to travel the whole world but that is expensive, these are just my top places. 

1. New York: I've wanted to travel to NY for as long as I can remember. It looks so magical and beautiful!
2. Australia: Its one of those places I feel like everyone should go to in their life. It looks so pretty and beautiful. The only things is that I am terrified of the bugs there!
3. Paris: I would kill to go to Paris and experience its beauty. Its the city of love! I am definitely going her before I die!
4. Hawaii: The beaches just look so pretty! I would love to go her during the summertime and eat all the Hawaiian fruit!
5. Thailand: I've seen pictures of Thailand and it looks like the most amazing place ever! The beaches, the views, the weather, it all looks amazing. 
6. Bora Bora: This is the same reasons has Thailand. It just looks amazing!
7. Caribbean: Same with this place. Its beachy, tropical and beautiful!
8. Spain: I've wanted to go her ever since The Cheetah Girls. It looks so historic and pretty!
9. Brazil: I feel this will be a really fun place to be. With all the festivals and hot weather I would love to go here!
10. London: I just really want to go here. I wanted to go here ever since watching british youtubers! They make it look so amazing!

Those are all the places I want to travel before I die. I really hope I get to experience all these places.

Where do you want to travel? 

Monday, March 17, 2014


Its been a while since my last SHARE THE LOVE so I might as well bring it back with a blog I have been loving for a while now. KATE from THE SMALL THINGS BLOG runs a beauty, fashion, lifestyle and personal blog with a main focus of hair.

I love how simple and classic her layout is. Its neat, organized and easy to navigate. Her blog title was also the inspiration for my new name. I just loved how versatile the name was.

Her writing is like you're talking to her face to face. She doesn't make things too complicated and explains things with ease especially with her hair tutorials. (Most are made in video form)

Some of my favorite hair tutorials:
The Mid Knot 
Messy Bun w/ Braid
A Little Bow
Lightly Curled Hair

I always find myself reading every single one of her posts and loving it. I also appreciate the personal aspects about her blog like about her pregnancy and her life. She also has an amazing mini-series about starting a blog: first post, second post, third post.

I really recommend checking out her blog if you haven't already!

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Its the 6th topic in the 2014 Blogger Challenge and I was really stumped on what to write about! I was going to do a recipe but I just don't have time to do that, then I was going to do a health post about sugar but that would be a bummer so I decided on, THE FOOD TAG. I found this on OLIVIAS CASTASTROPHE and thought it would be a nice simple post. I eliminated some questions that asked about stuff I have never tried. If you are a lover of food, feel free to do this tag and link it!

1. French fries or potato chips? potato chips                          11. Ravioli or lasagna? Ravioli!

2. Fried or scrambled eggs? Neither, I am not an egg person      12. Dominos or Pizza Hut? Dominos!

3. Caramel or Vanilla? Both! I can't choose!    13. Toast or French toast? Toast! But with w/ cinnamon sugar!

4. Fruit or vegetables? Fruit for sure!    14. Sponge Cake or Chocolate Cake? Sponge! I hate chocolate cake!

5. Chinese or Indian? Indian! So Good!                                      15. M&M’s or Skittles? Skittles!

6. Still or sparkling water? Sparking definitely            16. Peanut Butter or Nutella? Neither. Both are horrible!

7. Taco or Burrito? Tacos!                                                         17. White or Dark chocolate? White!

8. Chicken wings or legs? wings, I guess                                18. White or Brown bread? Brown!

9. Hot Chocolate or chocolate? chocolate!                            19. McDonald’s or KFC? I don't eat fast food :/

10.  Cream soda or Fanta? Cream Soda was my sh*t!          20. Milkshake or smoothie? smoothies for sure!

21. Blackberries or blueberries? blueberries! Blackberries taste bitter to me!

22. Salted or sweet popcorn? Sweet! Kettle Corn <3

23.  Lemons or lime? lemons are amazing!

24. Spinach or brussel sprouts? brussel sprouts for sure!

25. Ketchup or mayonnaise? I don't really care for either but ketchup!

26. Eggs or bacon? Eggs, but I don't really eat it. Bacons disgusting though!

27. Doughnuts with icing or jam in the middle? icing! mmm.... so good

28. Pancakes or waffles? pancakes! w/ whip cream and berries!

29. Coffee or Tea? Tea. Not a coffee person!

30. Orange juice or apple juice? Orange! Unless its 100% apple juice

31. Salt or pepper? I can't choose!

Those are all the questions in the food tag! It was actually really fun to go through and write about food, my favorite thing ever. I really encourage all my fellow foodies out there to do this tag. Thats all for today my loves, until tomorrow!

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Starting April 1st I will begin my spending ban for 2 months. I have been spending way too much money lately so I really need to cut back on spending. I am trying to save money for summer break so I can do all the stuff I want to do.

I may or may not do bi-weekly updates, it all depends on how I am feeling. I am obviously still going to have buy necessities that I run out of but if I run out of my powder I won't buy it again. I'll have to wait and use something else.

This is going to be a huge struggle for me. I always want to go buy new makeup to try out when I'm bored...oh dear, I have a problem. 

At the end of this treacherous journey I am going to go to Sephora and buy a bunch of stuff! I may possibly have haul? Just remember that I will not have has many reviews up within these 2 months. Who else is going to join in on this?

Wish me luck!

Friday, March 14, 2014


             Out with old, in with the new. That's my motto for this spring season. As the spring rolls in people start reorganizing and decluttering. I know I'm one of them, I have so much stuff that has absolutely no use in my life that could be well cherished somewhere else. Some people have no idea where to start with organizing a big mess so that's where I come in. I am going to share a few tips and tricks I have when it comes to spring cleaning.

-Always start with the most organized part of the room/house. Cleaning will seem less intimidating.
-If you feel overwhelmed by taking EVERYTHING out, take it out by sections!
-If you are going through your clothes don't make a throw out pile. Always donate clothes unless its completely ruined ex/ stains, paint, huge rips, holes
-You don't have to bag up the keep pile unless you want to put it in storage.


-You can use warm water and vinegar as a natural option for cleaning surfaces.
-If you have pets make you get a carpet cleaner for pet hair.
-Make sure you REALLY deep clean the bathroom!

Thats it for my spring cleaning tips/to-do list. I hope this helps some of you tackle your week of house cleaning. I know for I get bored and tired very quickly and end up getting distracted after an hour so I would recommend taking a 5min break every half hour or 10 minute break every hour. Get excited for spring by cleaning! 

Will you be spring cleaning this year?

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


 I can't believe spring is only a few days away! Where I am in the world the sun is starting to shine and the temperatures are rising. I have been having an itch lately to wear bright clothes, break out the spring lippies and wear fresh-faced makeup. I was looking through my lip collection to find all my spring lip products and came across the Rimmel Apocalips in Nova.

I bought this in the summer last year around the time it came out but never wore it! I put it on and instantly fell in love with its beauty. Its a beautiful cool tone pink color. I like to think of it as a toned down barbie pink because it makes me feel sassy. In the pictures it kind of looks nude-ish but in reality its a very pink color.

I'm sure you all know about the Rimmel Apocalips and how they work but I'll just give you a quick run over of them. Basically they are a lip stick, lip gloss mix or a lip lacquer. They have amazing pigmentation and extreme gloss.

They smell like a rancid flower, not very pleasant. It goes away once its on though so no worrys :)

Nova is the perfect transition color, it's not neon, bam! summer color but its a light baby pink spring color. I really recommend you check this color out if you're in the market for a new spring lippie, just in time for spring break too!

I couldn't get a good lip color swatch that captured the true color so check out this blog post for a swatch + for the other colors in the line- 

Whats your top spring lip color? Have you tried this lippie?

Tuesday, March 04, 2014


       Everyone love being happy, whether you're 5 or 85. Happiness is the best feeling in the world and can lead to thousands of other opportunities. 

There are tons of things in this world that makes me happy so I decided to add positivity to my blog by talking about 5 things that make me happy :)

1. Laughing is the best feeling in the world. Just laughing so hard you can't breath. It makes people closer and just boosts your mood. I try to laugh at once a day even if it seems like the worst day EVER!

2. Shopping, this may seem superficial or materialistic but it truly makes me happy! I love the feeling of wearing new clothes and just looking at them. Its just so relaxing. Who's with me?

3. Beautiful Views are the most wonderful thing in the world. They make you think about life and just makes me appreciate the our world and its beauty more. Sometimes you get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of city life that you forget to stop and take in the beauty of the world. I am instantly happy when looking at a beautiful view. 

4. Concerts are just so fun and mood boosting. They get you pumped up and excited. It just is so amazing when watching a person you love perform live right in front of your eyes. You become a bigger fan of them! I love concerts!

5. Sunny Days, who doesn't love sunny weather. Stormy weather just makes you down and out but sun is energizing and amazing. It just makes me want to get out and run! This is huge for me.(trust me, I am NOT a runner)

Monday, March 03, 2014


Hey there everyone! I know this may come as a bit of a shock but I am changing my blog name to Lifes Little Things! 

I didn't want to restrict my blog to only anything about beauty or fashion and I felt Head 2 Toe Vogue did that. Vogue magazine is mostly about fashion and beauty. Lifes Little Things is going to be about anything in my life that I love. Big or small.

If I find a new lipstick I love, I'll share. A new recipe? It'll go on the blog. Anything in my life! It will put less pressure on trying to put up a new beauty post or fashion or even lifestyle. I can put up whatever I feel like at the moment.

The new name can grow with me and can conform to any topic I can think of. I hope you beauties can accept the change. I love my new name and am excited about it. The name may be changed within the next few hours, depending on when your reading this. 

-Sophie xx

Sunday, March 02, 2014


Sorry for the lack of posts and lack of quality in this picture. Its been absolute crap weather lately so I have no chance for good lighting. I also have writers block AGAIN so I have no idea what to write. Hope you all understand! Now into the post...

With spring only a mere few days away people are putting away their dark nail polishes and whipping out their pastels and neons. I have a few nail polishes that are always the first to go on my nails as soon as spring is right around the corner.

Essies Navigate Her is a gorgeous pistachio green. It is my one and only pistachio color and the only one I've ever seen. Zoya is one of my favorite nail polish brands and Zoyas Blu is the definition of a pastel blue. Revlons Lilly is a light lilac color. This is one of my oldest favorites. I'm not sure if this is still available but any pale purple would work. Sally Hansen Coral Reef is a bright-ish coral color. Its the most gorgeous color ever and I would wear it everyday if I could!

Those are all my must-have spring nail colors. What are your go to spring nail polishes?