Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Well goodbye 2013 and hello 2014! The new year is here in less than 24 hours and I couldn't be more excited. As my last post of 2013 and to leave this year on a positive note, I decided to share with you my favorite posts in beauty, fashion and lifestyle that I've come across. It's sort of just a big link up to all my bookmarked posts!


  • This was written my the lovely Kristie at A Yellow Brick Blog. I was really intrigued by these colors and she gave me the insight I needed! Thanks for your helpful post!
  • This lovely review was written by Claudia at Beauty and the Chic. I was really debating on whether I wanted to buy the tangle teezer and after her review, I needed to pick it up!
  • The amazing Stephanie over at Stephanies Look wrote this darling post. She introduced me to a bronzer for pale skins like myself. I still need to buy it but its on my list for 2014.
  • I'm sure you all know who she is but the amazing Elle from Dreaming in Blush wrote this little gem. She mentioned the Beauty Blender which helped me in my decision. She also took very popular products and spoke the truth about them! 


  • This outfit post from M+K at mkstyleramblings was so adorable. They showed me some very cute peices which I had to pick up but sadly couldn't get my hands on. I still need this outfit in my life!
  • The oh so lovely Shona at Freshbeautyxox posted this budget friendly fashion post. I instantly fell in love with the boots featured so I just had to share the amazingness that is this post!


  • Fiona over at Makeup and Beauty Blog posted this DIY for the dim winter lighting. Its a very smart idea and is very useful as well. Check this out if the zero daylight as got you in a rut.
  • This super inspiring post by Patricia over at Milkshake Break got me thinking. She may not post anymore but this post is still a gem and very helpful. Go over and read this right now!
  • Last but certainly not least is the whole reason my blog is here. You probably know of her but the amazing Emily at Beauty Brodcast wrote this little beauty. It inspired me to start up my blog so this post pretty much changed my life. Its also surprisingly really helpful!
That's all the posts that I've read, liked, bookmarked and now shared for all of you! This is all a collection of June-Now because that's when I started seriously reading blogs and made my own. I hope you check out some of these gems of the inter-web and enjoy them as much as I did. Happy New Year Everyone!


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