Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Well goodbye 2013 and hello 2014! The new year is here in less than 24 hours and I couldn't be more excited. As my last post of 2013 and to leave this year on a positive note, I decided to share with you my favorite posts in beauty, fashion and lifestyle that I've come across. It's sort of just a big link up to all my bookmarked posts!


  • This was written my the lovely Kristie at A Yellow Brick Blog. I was really intrigued by these colors and she gave me the insight I needed! Thanks for your helpful post!
  • This lovely review was written by Claudia at Beauty and the Chic. I was really debating on whether I wanted to buy the tangle teezer and after her review, I needed to pick it up!
  • The amazing Stephanie over at Stephanies Look wrote this darling post. She introduced me to a bronzer for pale skins like myself. I still need to buy it but its on my list for 2014.
  • I'm sure you all know who she is but the amazing Elle from Dreaming in Blush wrote this little gem. She mentioned the Beauty Blender which helped me in my decision. She also took very popular products and spoke the truth about them! 


  • This outfit post from M+K at mkstyleramblings was so adorable. They showed me some very cute peices which I had to pick up but sadly couldn't get my hands on. I still need this outfit in my life!
  • The oh so lovely Shona at Freshbeautyxox posted this budget friendly fashion post. I instantly fell in love with the boots featured so I just had to share the amazingness that is this post!


  • Fiona over at Makeup and Beauty Blog posted this DIY for the dim winter lighting. Its a very smart idea and is very useful as well. Check this out if the zero daylight as got you in a rut.
  • This super inspiring post by Patricia over at Milkshake Break got me thinking. She may not post anymore but this post is still a gem and very helpful. Go over and read this right now!
  • Last but certainly not least is the whole reason my blog is here. You probably know of her but the amazing Emily at Beauty Brodcast wrote this little beauty. It inspired me to start up my blog so this post pretty much changed my life. Its also surprisingly really helpful!
That's all the posts that I've read, liked, bookmarked and now shared for all of you! This is all a collection of June-Now because that's when I started seriously reading blogs and made my own. I hope you check out some of these gems of the inter-web and enjoy them as much as I did. Happy New Year Everyone!


Saturday, December 28, 2013


Hello there my darlings. Sorry for the lack of posts lately but I have been busy spending time with my family and just enjoying the holiday season. I was meaning to sit down and write so many times but it just never happened, oops. With the new year approaching us very quickly, people start making new years resolutions, decluttering and reinventing themselves. I decided to write up some new years resolutions I have for my blog and share them with my readers.

1. Make more quality posts

I want to spend more time on the posts I write by actually taking more of my own photos and planning out posts not just spur of the moment writings. I think this could improve my blog drastically. I always find myself waiting till 10pm to write a blog post making it not very good.

2. Write more for myself than others

It's not that I only focus on other peoples opinions when it comes to writing but I tend to look at other bloggers and take ideas off of them which I view as not acceptable. I want to actually think up my own ideas and only use others as a stepping stone to help.

3. Continue writing on a solid schedule

If you've been following me through September-November(I think...) you'd know I was on a Tuesday, Friday and Sunday posting schedule and I followed it pretty precisely. I want to continue on with a post schedule, I'm thinking Tuesday and Friday and maybe throw in a surprise posts once in a while. I want to lessen my posting load so I can follow goal #1.

4. Reach at least 100 Bloglovin followers

I know bloggers putting their follower goals out there isn't the most well liked thing but it truly is one one my goals and I just want to get it out there. I don't just want pity follows or follow for follows, I want true followers which makes this goal so much more. 

5. Take part in every #bbloggers chat on twitter

The chats open you up to a world of supporting fellow bloggers/friends. I want to take part in them so I can gain strong online friends and have someone to go to for blog support. I plan to take part in everyone unless I have a personal matter to take care of. I also want to join the #lbloggers chat but that's only sometimes

That's it for my 2014 Blogging Goals, please let me know if you want me to do trimonthly updates(every 3 months). I don't know if that's something your interested in. Hope you have a wonderful and amazing 2014. What are your 2014 goals?

xoxo, head2toevogue

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Happy Christmas Eve my beautiful friends! I just wanted to wish you all a happy and safe Christmas Eve.  I also wanted to say thank you for all the supporters I have gained in the past 6 months of blogging. My goal is to get to 50 followers by 2014 and that's only 4 people away and I'm beyond excited. Blogging has been the best choice I have ever made and I wouldn't give it up for anything. 

Christmas is the season of giving so I want to remind you all that don't just focus on giving people material items but give people encouragement, love, respect and help. Take time out of your Christmas schedule to help people and make their day, trust me they will appreciate it. Say Merry Christmas to your neighbors, friends, family and even strangers.

Most importantly, take this time to be with your family and friends. Get off of social media and technology as a whole and just enjoy each others company. Don't take anything for granted and if you are a fellow blogger take the day off of the blog. Just spend time with your family, you can always post your Christmas outfit post on the 26th you're not going to die. Christmas is meant to be with the people you love not reading what other people are doing through a screen or writing to strangers what you wore. Please just do it, you'll enjoy Christmas a whole lot more!

Thanks a so much everyone. Merry Christmas Eve Everyone and talk to you tomorrow (maybe) for the last day of Blogmas. 

xoxo, head2toevogue

**photos are free for use to anyone, I made them simply on picmonkey. Just please don't take credit for making them***

Monday, December 23, 2013


Hello my beautiful friends. If you say you've never heard of the Becca Ever-Matte Primer, you're lying. It's been talked about and talked about then talked about some more among the beauty community. Everyone says it's the best matte primer ever, it keeps you matte all day and keeps your makeup on. Today I am going to share my thoughts on this primer and whether I think its worth the hype or not. 

The band and cap is supposed to be a metallic sliver but it was too reflective in the photo so I had
cover it. 

I honestly don't think this product is worth all the hype it gets. I didn't notice any difference in my oil control and staying power of my makeup when using this. 

When I first applied it, the primer seemed like it would work amazing because it made my skin matte within the first minute. It felt slightly drying which I was kind of worried it would make my skin flaky but that wasn't even close to the major issue of this product. It made my pores virtually invisible when I first put the primer on, it just overall seemed great!

Then 8 hours passed without me checking my makeup at all and I looked in the mirror. My face was still super oily, my pores were visible and my makeup was still wearing off. It didn't make anything worse than without the primer but it sure didn't make it better. 

I even used it with a matte foundation that I felt needed just a tad extra but my skin still looked the same. I may try this product again and do an update in the new year. It might be one of those products that you change your opinion the second time but for now I wouldn't waste your money on this product. I am so happy I got a sample before buying the full size.

I must say it does feel very light on the skin which is great so you don't feel like your pores are clogged and it drys superfast. I also love it doesn't have a silicone feel, I hate that. But the actually product doesn't work, sadly. I hate really high hopes for this and I was so excited that I might actually find a primer that works but nope. Just try, try again!

Well that's my short little review on the Becca Primer. I hope it helped some of you decide on whether you want this product or not. Even thought this didn't work for me, it might work for you. If you want to form your own opinion just simple ask for a sample, no need to hate. Happy Holidays!

xoxo, head2toevogue

Sunday, December 22, 2013


          Hello there my beautiful friends. Only 3 days till Christmas and I am feeling great, are you? Family is starting to come into town and the extensive amounts of Christmas baking are starting. I have been binge watching a ton of Christmas movies and specials while wrapping up all my gifts! Which is why my posting has been very mixed this week. I missed 2 days this week, unacceptable! 

Not only have I missed days because of my constant busyness but I also have slight writers block which makes me not as motivated to really try and get a post up. If anyone has an emergency post ideas post or writers block tips on their blog leave it in the comments and I will check it out. 

With the new year coming in close I have been thinking of some new post ideas for the new year and I want to know your opinion on a blogging new year resolutions post? I think it will help me achieve some goals I have for my blog in 2014. I was also thinking about starting an advice series but I'm not sure of how many questions I'd get. Let me know what you think. 

Along with the new year I will be releasing a new blog design, as you know. I have officially decided January 1 will be the launch. If I'm home I will make it live as soon as 12am hits but if not I plan on the morning time. I'm really excited for you guys to see it and if you've been paying attention to my photos there have been small hints on the design. 

Well that's it for this Sunday Sum-up, I hope you enjoyed learning a little about my past week. I really love writing these posts as it's almost like a weekly journal except not every week, so not really weekly but you get my point right? Merry Christmas my little dolls! 


3 days till Christmas Cheer

Saturday, December 21, 2013


Vanessa Hudgens Look for Less

Black Leather Panel Legging: 1|2  White Hoodie: 1|2  Black Cardigan: 1|2  Black Leather Jacket: 1|2  Red Leather Purse: 1  Black Boots: 1|2

Hello there everyone. Long time no talk. So sorry I missed the past 2 days of Blogmas but I've just been super busy. Christmas is quickly arriving so I spent all my time buying and wrapping presents then family came into town and I just lost track of time. I may stop blogmas early but I still want to get some posts up before Christmas. Anyway I really wanted to get a post up today so I decided on a Steal Her Style post. This time for Winter as its officially the first day of Winter.

This is a simple outfit based all on layering and leather. Her pants are black leather paneled legging which is so chic. I don't think they're very comfortable for a plane ride but whatever floats your boat! Vanessa has on a white hoodie with adds a pop of brightness to this otherwise dark outfit and over that it looks as though she has a black cardigan on. Perfect for the cold weather but still adorable. Then to top of the top section(see what I did there?) she put on a staple black leather jacket. It adds the extra warmth while still cuter than a giant marshmallow jacket.

The last finishing touches to the look is the bag and the shoes. The giant red leather bag adds a pop of color while still keeping it season appropriate and classy. A giant neon pink bag would look slightly out of place with this outfit :/ The shoes are hard to see but it looks like lace up black booties. I just went for a short combat boot to play it safe. But feel free to go for whatever black short boots suit you best, whether it be dr. martens or slip on black booties.

Thats the end of this Steal Her Style. I fell in love with this comfy, casual, cute outfit so I thought I'd share it with you all. Leave me requests for other celebrities I should do and your request might just show up on your feed! Mwah! Happy HoliKwanzMas! (Holiday/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Christmas)

-head2toevogue, xoxo

4 days till Christmas! Yippee!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Hello everyone. Seeing as Christmas is only 7 days away and odds are a lot of people haven't started shopping yet I put together a last minute gift guide/ stocking stuffers. You may be asking "What is the difference between this gift guide and your others?" This gift guide
involves small, easy to wrap gifts that doesn't need a lot of thought. They are pretty universal gifts as well.
Stocking Stuffers/ Last Minute Gift Guide

Nail polish sets are perfect because the polish is already put together for you and you can just place it in a bag or wrap it quickly. You also get more than just one lonesome polish.

Everyone loves a cute mug! Its especially good for the coffee/tea/hot chocolate drinkers out there. These ones are super cute, I really want them!

4. A CD of their favorite artist! 

This is perfect because its just neutral colors from light to dark and can be used by everyone. For the natural makeup wearers to the smokey wearers. Its also small enough to fit in a stocking or you can quickly throw it in a bag last minute.

7. A gift card to their favorite place/store!

Everyone always loves a simple, cute ring or necklace. They go with everything and are easy to wear. 

These are the simpilest gift ever! Just buy these or make your own. To make your own just cut pieces of paper out, write things you are willing to do for the person you're giving them to, then place them in a stocking or bag along with a card. The person can cash them in anytime!

This is the most personal gift of them all. Get a cute frame, then put a cute picture of you and the person/people your giving it to then place in a bag. Quick, fast but greatly appreciated!

12. Cute Phone Cases! (Dreamer case no longer available)
People always want a new phone case to change it up from time to time. You can buy an expensive gift or a cheap phone case, throw it in a bag or stocking then give it to them. 

That's it for today lovelies. I hope you enjoyed and got some new gift ideas. Talk to you people tomorrow but until then, Happy Holidays!


7days till Santa is here!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Hello there my beautiful friends. Hope your having a wonderful week so far and if not just remember that it's Christmas next week! Today I have another review type post but this time I know I don't like the product. I have my first disappointing product post. I got this post idea from Chrissy over at ChrissyLilly(link is in my most recent share the love) I don't know if this will be a series or not but you can let me know. This is just going to be a short little post so lets get started// 

This is a disappointing product review but I do have to mention one good thing, its all natural and cruelty free. Which is amazing, I think. Now onto the actual review..

*This is a sample size that came in my Ipsy bag a while back but the full size is $16 for 30ml.*

...the first things first, this has absolutely NO coverage. It is just like a moisturizer with shimmer. It does say on the website to not expect a full coverage foundation but I wasn't expecting it to be nothing.  

To make things worse its greasy! Plus it has full on shimmer making you more shiny. Not good for oily skin types. It would be good if you have dry skin but that's it, if you have any shine this will not work. 

This product wouldn't be that bad as it does live up to the claims of natural beauty, weightless, effortless and that its a tint but it is not very shade matching. Its sheer so it doesn't matter all that much but its very dark actually. It also find it doesn't diminish the appearance of uneven skintone, pores or fine lines. If anything the shimmer enhances them! 

*Note: It has a ton of skin-nourishing ingredients so that's a bonus but I feel you could find a more quality product with the same benefits*

Overall, this product did not work for me. If you just want a slight, slight, slight tint of color and need some moisture in your skin it could work for you but other than that, don't waste your $16 on this product and save for a better quality one. 

That's it for today my lovelies. I hope you enjoyed this little, quick review. I know Pacifica isn't a very popular brand but they just recently started making makeup so I thought I'd let you guys know about one of their products. 


          8 days till Santa Claus is coming down your chimney!

Monday, December 16, 2013


Hello there my beautiful friends. Today I have another Christmas/Holiday tag. I first saw this tag on Shonas' blog or http://freshbeautyxox.blogspot.ca/ but it was created by the wonderful girl over at The Cute Little Beauty Blog. I did do another tag or the Christmas Tag in November but since its almost Christmas I thought I'd do another. There are only 10 questions so lets get into it...

What Winter holiday do you celebrate?

What is the one item you hope to receive as a present for Christmas?
Like any other beauty blogger, I would love to receive the Naked 3 Palette! Its just so beautiful!

Gingerbread cookies or candy canes?
Gingerbread cookies for sure! I like candy canes but gingerbread wins by far!

Snowball fights or Sledding?
Umm... believe it or not I've never had a snowball fight so I don't know how I like it. I don't really like the thought of cold ice flakes getting whipped at me so I guess sledding.

What is your go to Winter outfit?
Inside, definitely pajama bottoms and a sweater with fuzzy socks and slippers. I like being warm!
Outside, jeans with boots and chunky sweater!

What are your favourite Winter/Holiday makeup items?
Definitely moisturizer and a hydrating concealer like the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer.

Does it snow where you live?
Not a whole lot but we do get a couple days a year of snow!

What is your favourite Christmas song/holiday song?
I honestly don't have a favorite. I love them all from Michael Buble to Mariah Carey to Ariana Grande

What is your favourite holiday movie?
Ooh... another difficult one. I guess I would say ELF or Christmas With the Kranks!

What are your favourite holiday decorations?
Obviously the christmas tree, but besides that the lights! They are just so magical and joyful. They are what add the perfect finishing touch to your decorations!

I don't have anyone specifically to tag so I tag anyone reading this that wants to do it. It was actually quite fun to write up. Hope you all have a happy and healthy holiday!


                         15 days till Santa Claus is in town!

Sunday, December 15, 2013


Hello there my beautiful friends. How are you this fabulous Sunday? Its almost the start of the last week before Christmas! Crazy, right? Today I bring you a review, I don't do these very often. Before I bought this lip product I tried finding reviews on it but I couldn't find very many so I thought this may be useful to some one who are in my situation. Let me know what you think of this picture quality, I spent a long time editing and taking the pictures to make them the best I could in the low light. Lets get into the review!

This lip creme is a very thick, opaque gloss/liquid lipstick. It almost feels like the Rimmel Apocalips/Show Offs but a little thicker. It is most definitely not a runny product. It can be very sticky and gooey if too much is applied. It is definitely very pigmented which is great but because of that it feels heavy on the lips. 

This shade looks like a light pink in the tube and when swatched but when on lips it looks very nude. It almost makes me look sick or dead. It may just be my skin tone, I am usually the second or third lightest shade in foundation/concealer. Its not unwearable but it could be hard to pull off for some people. 

The wear time of this product is average I'd say. Since it is very thick and shiny it almost feels as though it slides off the lips. It does come off on cups and food so be careful of that. I'd say the longevity is average for a lipstick. I'm sure the matte lip creams would last much longer but I haven't had the chance to try those.

One note I have to say about this is that it tends to gather in the inner part of your lip and the outer corners. So when you move your mouth you can see slight strings of it. I'm sure this can be fixed by just using less of the product and sheering it out. 

Overall this product is decent. I will continue to use it but I won't be my number one choice of a lip product. Its just a little too thick and gloppy for everyday use. I like the pigmentation of this product but for this color its a little too much, I would opt for the darker shades in this. 

Hope this review was helpful in some way. If you got this in the red shade, it would be a perfect holiday color. Merry Christmas everyone!


Saturday, December 14, 2013


            Hello there my beautiful friends. How was your Saturday or Sunday? (depending when you're reading this) Since its the season of giving, I decided to do a little share the love post. I chose bloggers who every time they post I have to read the post. No matter what it is, I have to read it. These are just five of my must-have blogs/bloggers. 

If you are in need of a relaxing night with a good blog, this is the perfect blog. Her posts are so well written and her pictures are amazing as well. For the Christmas season she has some amazing gift guides for every type of person. If you want some inspiration in life check out her blog posts, they are great. She also has a Youtube channel if you prefer to watch instead of read. Her blog is must read!
Twitter: @Kallie_E
Youtube: But First Coffee
Instagram: kallie_elizabeth

I first found her blog during a beauty bloggers chat on twitter and I instantly fell in love with her blog. The layout is so simple but still pretty, as you can see above. I love her writing style as well, its as if your having a conversation with her. I can really tell she puts a lot of effort into her blog. She so far as 164 posts up and every one of them is awesome. Her photos are such good quality as well which is one of the first things I look for in a blog and I know you guys do too. I really recommend ChrissyLilly for a good read. 
Twitter: _ChrissyLilly
Facebook: Chrissylilly Blog
Instagram: chrissy_lilly

This is another youtuber/blogger. She has such a glam blog! Okay, this has to be the first thing I say, her photos are AMAZING! I just don't understand how you can get pictures to look that clear. She is also beyond gorgeous. Like the others, her writing is good too. All her posts are useful and informative, at least to me, and she gets up a lot of posts! I think everyday or almost everyday, you will never be without a new post to read. It looks like she spends a lot of time on her blog posts as well. Go read her blog now!
Twitter: @LizaPrideaux
Facebook: Glambeautys
Instagram: lizaprideaux

First off, I just want to say she is so nice and helpful. She really helped me with blog design tips and didn't get annoyed with me(or at least she didn't show it, ahah). Her blog design is simple and easy to navigate so you will never be overwhelmed with buttons and pictures. Her pictures are absolutely stunning as well and so is she! Her blog posts are short but quality information. If you are short on time but want a blog to read, hers would be amazing as her posts are short. You will never leave a post without learning something. Life, Set Sail is an amazing read!
Twitter: @LifeSetSail
Facebook: Life, Set Sail
Instagram: lifesetsail

Last but definetly not least is Little Miss Average. I would have to say her blog name doesn't represent her blog at all. Its not average. I'm not sure if she was in my other share the love but who cares, she deserves it! Her blog has amazing pictures and amazing content. If you are in a weight loss journey, check out her Weight Loss Wednesday posts. If you want some blogging tips, check out her blogging tips section. As you can see she has very informative posts and a lot of helpful posts. Check out Little Miss Average for her not so average blog. 
Twitter: @LilMsAverage
Instagram: littlemissaverage

Well that's the end of my Christmas share the love. I hope you check out at least one of these girls and give them some love. Yes I know they all have more followers than me but who cares? I think they deserve more and I'm still going to give them some love. I love doing share the loves, they are so easy to write and I feel so happy after I'm done writing it. Merry Christmas everyone!

Previous Share the Loves:

11 days till Santa comes to town!!

Friday, December 13, 2013


Hello there my beautiful friends. Sorry for no post yesterday but I was beyond busy and just didn't have time. I really need to get my posts scheduled this weekend, I do not want to miss another day. I promised myself I wouldn't miss a single day but I have, sadly. Anyway today I bring you another gift guide but this time for 2 of the most important people in your life, your mom and grandmas or any role-model figure in your life. This is based around relaxation and distressing since the woman figures in your life so pretty much everything for you. Lets get into it!
Gift Guide for Moms and Grandmas
Everyone loves sitting down in front of the fire with a hot cup of tea and a good movie. Any mom in need of a relaxation would love a gift set like this.
A nice pair of comfy slippers are the perfect addition to any relaxing night. A good quality pair of slippers are the perfect gift.
Now this is amazing. You can put it on an office chair, in your car or even on your couch. You get a full massage while watching T.V or doing a little work.
4. Spa Gift Certificate
A soft, warm bathrobe are perfect for after a shower or first thing in the morning. I always love receiving a nice bathrobe. 
This is amazing for the person with a sore neck or if they just hate regular pillows and want something a little more luxurious.
This is some high class skin care. Its $100 dollars for it but the quality is there. If you are willing to spend a little extra on someone then this is the perfect gift for them. 
Now this is such a cute and creative idea. If you don't have the money to buy a store bought gift then this is perfect. Its custom to anything you want and its actually useable! They can use it to enjoy their coffee or tea!
If you know someone who already owns a keurig machine and their k-cups are always a big jumbled mess then I would get them this. They will be more relaxed when its all clean. 
10. Keurig Coffee Brewer Machine with Coffe Refills
This is kind of a more joke gift. Get it? Its called Hot Mama and you may be giving it to your mama. This could be an extra gift or a stocking stuffer.
All three of these could go together. Its just a mint and eucalyptus scent that supposedly helps relieve stress. Its a small little useful gift. 
This is again another relaxing spa gift. If you have a dad that lives with your mom then you can put this in their stockings. They could give each other a nice relaxing massage at-home.

Some of these gifts could be paired together in a gift set or individual. I tried to make a range of cheap to expensive gifts as I know not everyone can afford 100+ gifts and others like spending that little extra on people. I hope you got some ideas for the special women in your life. Merry Christmas everyone!

-head2toevogue, xoxo

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Hello there my beautiful friends!
How are you this lovely Wednesday? Can you believe Christmas is only 13 days away?! Its insane, it feels like just yesterday it was November 1 and now its December 11th!
Most Christmas parties are starting this weekend so I thought I'd show you another holiday look to wear to all your festive events. This look is more subtle and natural, its for the younger people or the people who don't wear much makeup. I hope you enjoy this cute, simple tutorial!

That is the breakdown of this makeup look. Let me know if you liked the instructions in the picture instead of it under the picture. It is a lot easier for me! I don't remember the website where the face picture is from but I just did a google search for face chart and this, along with many others, came up!
Hope you have a very merry holiday!

-head2toevogue, xoxo

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Hello there my beautiful people! Sorry for the late post, but I got distracted by my design...AGAIN! But today I just wanted to share a little bit of Tuesday inspiration. It's almost half way through the week, you may need a little inspiration. 


I found this picture on WeHeartIt.com and I found it very true and inspiring. When people laugh at you for being different, you should laugh at them for all being the same and laughing at you. If the WHOLE school makes fun of you for doing something a little bit 'weird' or 'unusual' then all those people need to be laughed at because they are all following the same way as everyone else. I don't know about you but I'd rather be different and have 3 friends that accept me for me than 30 "friends" that only like me because I'm pretending to be something I'm not. 

If you follow in everyone's footsteps you may not be laughed at but you aren't being you and that feels worse than the meaningless peoples words. Being you is doing want YOU like, wearing what YOU want, saying what YOU feel and being who YOU want to be and become. If all your friends said they were going to take up drugs or alcohol or smoking and that's not what you want to do with your life but you went along with it because of your fear of being different, then you need to be laughed at by everyone. You need to be laughed at because you are being the same as everyone else and not being you. 

Society would be a hell of a lot different if we laughed at the people that followed and weren't being themselves. Everyone would actually have different interests and personalities unlike how it really is where you see a group of 5 girls or boys who dress, act, speak, look and breathe the same all because they are afraid of being different! If you are constantly caring about what people think and spend your whole life being someone you're not then you aren't really living at all, you are basically a dead person. 

Do you want to be dead? I didn't think so, so why would you spend your life pretending that your dead when you could be out there living your life how YOU want to, not how your best friends want to. Even if you are getting pressured to conform to other peoples opinions or actions, DONT! Walk away from the people pressuring you and step into your own life, your own world and think about who you want to be as a person and conform to THAT! Conform to your own vision of 'perfect' and you will be a hell of a lot happier. 

If it is the 'it' thing to wear red lipstick everyday but you HATE it, don't wear it! If twerking is the cool new dance but you find it repulsive and demeaning, then don't do it! If it's the cool thing to say YOLO but you find it to be the stupidest thing ever, don't say it! If it's cool to wear super short crop tops that are basically like a bra with super low rise short shorts but you find it disgusting and, excuse my language, slutty, then don't wear it! If there's a new kid at school and it's the 'thing' to throw god knows what at him/her but you find it absolutely rude and disrespectful, don't do it! Yeah people may call you a trader, boring, weird, loser or whatever but just say really? I'm the boring loser? You're the one following everyone and copying them! I'm just being me, sorry if that makes me a loser but I'd rather be me than someone like you anyday! 

Sorry I went on a very long rant but I just had a lot of thoughts on this subject. I hope you enjoyed and got somewhat inspired by this post. I really believe in this subject and I just want to get this message out there! Stay you! And Merry Christmas! 

-head2toevogue, xoxo

Monday, December 09, 2013


Christmas Wishlist

Hello there my beautiful friends! It's officially December and it's the first day of Blogmas! I'm super excited to start this series and see if I can keep up! Just a fore warning but a lot of the posts will be pre written, I won't schedule them because it can be sketchy so I will upload myself. Today I am going to share my Christmas wishlist, just some things I would like to see under the tree! 

    This is a brand spanking new palette. I love the rosy colors in it so I would really love this. 

   I know this was already in one of my wish lists but I couldn't bring myself to buy it, too expensive. So I put it on my Christmas list. This isn't a very "big" gift but I would still like to get it. 

   I don't necessarily need the naked and this palette but I put both on here so it gives more options. I wouldn't complain if I didn't get both.

   This is definitely a big gift. This is something my mom or close family would get me because it is quite expensive. I've been wanting sigma brushes for so long now and I'm hoping this is the year to get them

5. Vera Wang Princess Perfume|$60-$90
   I want a new perfume and this is one I've smelt and liked so I thought I would ask for it. I need to smell it again to make sure but for now I want this!

   I love mascara so this is definitely a want. You get so many options, it's just fabulous! I may find a new mascara I love!

    Another perfume! This is quite new if I'm correct. I've never had a juicy couture perfume so I really want one and this sounds good. I, again, need to  smell it but I'm sure I'll like it! 

                                                                                        $330 or $195- necklace
     This is a very extravagant gift but I've been wanting them for a while and I think it would be nice to receive. I don't have high hopes to get these but still it's a dream! I don't care if I get the necklace or bracelet.  

 That's all for my Christmas wishlist this year! I know it's not a ton but I couldn't really think of anything this year! And my wishes are quite expensive. I am very excited to see what I have under the tree, don't lie so are you! Hope you are excited about Blogmas, I know I am! Also let me know what you think of this wishlist style instead of my goals thing and only 2 products. I'm liking it better this way so I may keep it for 2014! Until next time, stay beautiful! 

                      What is on your Christmas wishlist? Are you excited for Christmas?
                                                         head2toevogue, xoxo



Gift Guide for Him

Hello there my beautiful friends. Happy Monday! On this fabulous Monday I bring you another gift guide. This time for the men in your life. We all know how hard it is to buy for guys so I hope this gives you some ideas on what to get someone.

1.Philips Norelco 1280X/42 SensoTouch 3D Shaver & Bonus Norelco NT8110/60 Nose&Ear Hair Trimmer
-this is perfect because it is an electric razor, which every guy needs, and it comes with a ear and nose trimmer. Perfect for the well groomed guys!

2. 88 Rue du Rhone Watches- No Longer Available
-even those these aren't available you can still get any watch you prefer. They sell tons of mens watches for cheap to expensive.

3.Calvin Klein CK Be Eau de Toilette
-this is just a mens cologne. You don't have to choose this one but any cologne is a perfect gift for any man.

4.The Hill-Side X Colimbo Tie
-ties are perfect for any classy man. If you know someone who dresses up all the time, say hes a business man, a party goer or just a shnazy guy.

5. Ba Co N Funny Geek Shirt
-this is for the nerdy bacon lover. The elements add the geeky touch and the bacon letters obviously adds the bacon loving touch. I would even love to get this shirt.

6. Apple iPad 2 16 GB
-this is an amazing gift for anyone really. Everyone loves a good ol' iPad. You can game, write, message, watch, read etc..

7. Call Of Duty-Ghosts
-if I'm not mistaken this is a new Call of Duty game. Any gamer would love to see the brand NEW game under the tree.

8. Grand Theft Auto V
-Again this is a brand NEW Grand Theft Auto game. This has been all the hype lately so any gamer that's on a budget and couldn't buy it for themselves would love if you did!

9.Dress Shoes
-the shoes in the picture are from a vintage store online and they got sold. But any dress shoes for the classy guy would be perfect. Dress shoes will always get worn and loved.

10. What Men Dont Understand About Women Book
-now this is more of a joke gift. Its kind of a funny book that would be an extra to a present. This always what guys say: "I don't understand _____ about girls." If you know someone who says that ALL the time, give this to them!

So that is all my gift ideas for the men in your life. I hope you enjoyed and got some ideas. I didn't know that much to put on a guys gift guide as I always have trouble with that but I did get some ideas from my own guide. Happy Holidays!

What are you getting for the men in your life?
-head2toevogue, xoxo

15 days till Santa Claus comes to town!