Saturday, November 30, 2013


Hello my beautiful people! How was your weekend? Mine was amazing, as you might know it's thanksgiving weekend here in Canada so we were celebrating! That's why my Sunday post is up on Monday, I was busy all weekend. Barely had time to take part in the #bbloggers chat on Twitter. Anyway today I am going to talk about the difference between BB, CC and DD creams. The BB cream hype started in Asia and made its way to everywhere else. Now as expected, companies are trying to make things newer and better. So what's the difference you ask? Keep reading to find out!

Friday, November 29, 2013


Hello there my beautiful friends! Thanks goodness it's Friday! This week felt too long! I just wanted to come home and write and think about Christmas. I was thinking about a Christmas sweater and how I don't have one yet so I assumed a lot of people don't either. I put together a list of Christmas sweaters all for a reasonable price. I will be making my eon this year but all of these are very cute. Most of them are available to the UK, Canada and USA but some are only for one country. Without further ado, here are some xmas sweaters/jumpers...


           -this is also very funny! It's just a tacky slightly crude sweater but that's    why I love it!
          -if you want something really subtle go for this! It's also a funny one! I could see myself buying this one. 
          -it's very festive. It's just such a cute and tacky sweater! Adore this!
           -this one is very fun and colourful, it's perfect for the no picture people, just the design people.
5. Emma Kiss Me it's Christmas Jumper|$30USD|£15|$35CAD
           -this is just a cute one. If you see your partner on Xmas I would wear this! 
         - I absolutely love this one! I want this so badly! It's sequins! I may buy this!
          -the picture isn't the linked one but it's the same price and same design. This is a funny one that is simple.
8.  Dear Santa Christmas Jumper|£37|$65USD
          - this is a super girly sweater and I love that about it! It's simple but lovely. I would snatch it up now as it's onsale for £22 or $38USD

Christmas Sweater 2

9. NewLook Grey Penguin Christmas Jumper|£28|$43CAD
            -Cute 3D sweater. I think this is super cute! I would totally buy this if I wasn't DIYing mine this year.
10. BooHoo Kourtney Cheeky Reindeer Christmas Jumper|$30USD
           - this is just a plain sweater, nothing too special. This is good if you want a Xmas sweater but don't want to be over the top!
11. Freida Father Christmas Jumper|$30USD
          - again another simple one. This is a little more festive than the last one though!
12. Rudolph and Father Christmas Red Xmas Jumper|£20|$27.44USD
          - this is a combo of the last 2 sweaters. It's a little different though because Santa looks angry!
13.  Black Gingerbread Man Christmas Jumper|£25
          - I feel like this is more of a mans sweater, it's nothing too gaudy or cutesy. It's more of a very basic sweater.
14. Flying Reindeer Jumper|£35|$61USD
          - lastly a very magical sweater. This is definitely a more subtle Christmas sweater. This is everyday appropriate for the office or other formal settings. On sale for £22 or $38USD!

That is the end of my sweater picks, I hope you enjoyed and found a cute one you want! It's almost December so you better find one quick! 2 days till Blogmas starts and I couldn't be more excited, I hope you are! Hope your day is filled with happiness and positivity, lots of love!

                Do you have a Christmas sweater ready for this year?
-head2toevogue, xoxo

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Hello my beautiful friends! How has your day been today? I was super busy today making a new blog design for 2014! I am using HTML and everything! I'm designing every part myself with no help, so it's a very long and tiring process. Wish me luck! Anyway today I am starting a new series! It's called Dear Diary, basically I will chose a topic, for example love, friends, a certain holiday, boyfriends, decor etc., and write my feeling about it on that day, any thoughts, tips on the subject, advice questions, personal stories and stuff like that! It's like one huge diary that I'm putting on the internet! It's a place for all of us to come together and discuss and ask questions, if there are any. If you have any thoughts on that diaries subject feel free to comment or email me if it's personal. Even if no one reads them I want them for me, to look back on and see my thoughts from 3 months ago or 1 year ago. I may repeat topics sometimes so I can see my change of thoughts. Well that's enough rambling, let's just get started...

Dear Diary,

      Christmas is only 1 month away! Crazy! I'm really excited to witness the first snowfall of the year. I am hoping for it to snow ON Christmas Day but the weather can be very unpredictable. I am super excited for the malls to start playing Christmas music and I just want to feel the joyful atmosphere. I want to see the hundreds of people rushing from store to store to pick up their last minute presents. I love seeing the cute couples holding hands while walking down the snow covered side walk! The Christmas movies are my absolute favorite though! I really want the channels to start playing them but I am watching some on Netflix. I saw the Coca Cola Ad about 2 weeks ago and people weren't lying, it really does get you into the Christmas spirit! I need to pick up presents for my family and friends still but I have all December so I'm not worried. I want to do Christmas nail art next week, it's the first day of December next weekend! My room is already decorated for Christmas and I'm really in the spirit when I'm in my room! I still haven't bought any candles but I'm waiting for a sale to start. Christmas is just the best time of the year, I'd rather have school all year long than stop celebrating Christmas! That's how deep my passion is! 


                              Do you like this series? What do you love about Christmas?
                                                           head2toevogue, xoxo

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Hello there my beautiful friends! I am so excited for Monday! .... says no one ever. Just think in 5 days it will be Friday again! Anyway, today is the final chapter of the beauty blogger series! Today's topic was supposed to be your top 5 products of 2013 but I already did a post very similar not to long ago so I didn't want to be repeative. I decided to change it a bit and do my Holy Grail and Holy Fail of 2013. I hope Bethan doesn't mind.

sorry the pictures are slightly blurry, when exported from PixlrExpress, they lost the quality. 
                           Need to find a new editor, let me know if you have any  

This is my Holy Grail of 2013! Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal in Barely Branded! I wore this almost every single day! The reason I have quite a bit left is because I only need a tiny bit of it and I didn't wear it throughout the summer and on weekends, but trust me it's been loved. I feel like I should throw it out but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I did have a swatch picture but I accidentally deleted it! If you can't tell it's a champagne color or a shimmery beige. It does crease if used alone but a primer will fix that mess up! It really does last a long time, a swatch on my hand lasted all day and even into the next with constant washings! This really is a holy grail! 




This is my Holy Fail of 2013! It's the Rimmel Glam'Eyes Quad Eyeshadow in #18 Romantic Cool. When you look at the palette, it looks gorgeous right? Nice, neutral colors. This palette would be great, if the colors actually showed up! If you look at the swatched your probably thinking: "those look like they have nice pigmentation." Well in swatches they do but as soon as you put it on your eye... Poof!.... Gone! The shadows are almost none existent. Number 3 shows up the most and Number 4 shows up the least. I tried to make a look with them but it didn't even show up, it looked like I had nothing on my eyes. This has to be the biggest fail I've tried all year! Really don't waste your money on this, you'll be left with nothing but disappointment, lost money and a shotty eyeshadow look. 

I hope you found this somewhat helpful and enjoyed reading it. I know my pictures aren't the best but I'm still trying to find a new picture editing app! There's is one week left till Blogmas starts so be prepared for loads of new posts! Thanks my loves! 

         What is your Holy Fail and Holy Grail of 2013? Any ideas for Blogmas posts?

Friday, November 22, 2013

Beauty Lovers Gift Guide- Countdown 2 Christmas Cheer!


Hello there my little elves...cheesy?...not gonna say that anymore...let's try that again. Hello there my beautiful friends! How was is your week so far? If you need a reason to smile just think it's Friday! Finally! Hands up if you are panic trying to figure out what to get people! *puts hand up* I am going to share with you a few different gift guides so you aren't stuck with no gifts a week before Christmas! They are all reasonable priced, they aren't cheap though. If you'd like a budget friendly gift guide let me know. I've tried to find a link for Americans, Canadians and the UKians(what do you call yourselves?) Some items weren't available for the UK, sorry my UK readers! Let's get into the gifts....

1a. Naked 1 Palette|$62|Here or |$52USD|Here or |£37|Here
  b. Naked 2 Palette|$62|Here or |see above for U.S or |£37|Here
  c. Naked 3 Palette|tba|n.a

The first 'one' is the Naked Palettes! They're a cult favorite among everyone. Which one all depends on what they like but if you don't want to ask them I would say the 3rd seeing as it's new and exciting! The 3rd isn't yet released but Urban Decay promised before Christmas so be on the lookout before it sells out. 

2. Sephora Favorites- Lash Stash|$54|Here or |$45USD|Here
This next one is great for the mascara junkie in your life. It comes with 8 mascara sample and 2 full size with a pair of falsies. You get to try out a ton of mascaras without spending a ton. I would really love to receive this! It it quite pricey but I think it's worth it if they love mascara.

3. Beauty Blender Duo|$50CAD|Here or |$40USD|Here or |£33|Here

If you know someone who is more about face makeup, this would be perfect! You can apply foundation, concealer, powder, blush and bronzer with this little sponge. This is good deal as each is $20 and this has two sponges and a cleanser! Every makeup wearer needs a beauty blender!

4. Lorac Pro Palette|$55CAD|Here or |$42USD|Here

This palette has been everywhere in the beautisphere in 2013. It is an essential palette with a whole row of matte and a row of shimmer. You can create so many looks with this palette that it almost pays for itself(not really). Anything popular and expensive are good presents as they want it because of the hype and they wouldn't buy it themselves! 

5. Clarisonic Mia- Brush Cleansing System|$139|Here or |$125USD|Here or |£99|Here

Now this is on the more expensive side but it is an amazing product! If they have skin issues this would be perfect! Even if they don't, it stills cleans their skin 10 times better and gives a good exfoliation! This would definitely be a mom gift or daughter/son gift, really anyone you are close to,  you don't want to offend anyone! They may think your saying they have bad skin or something... Eeek! 

6. Sigma Brushes- Make Me Blush Kit|$155USD|Here

This again is a very expensive product but this is really worth it! They are super soft and sturdy brushes. They have every brush you would ever need in their range! The make me blush kit is part of their essentials line, that's why I chose it but they have cheaper or more expensive kits too. There is also a variety of colors to choose from. For the new makeup wearers or just for brush fanatics this is the perfect gift. 

7. Tarte Lip Surgence 8 Set|$34USD|Here or |$41CAD|Here

It just has 8 of their lip surgence crayons from light to dark. For any lip junkie, this is a must. These are also natural so if you have a natural living person you should really pick this up for them. 

8. Tarte Lip Surgence-Collectors Set|$210CAD|Here

This is lip surgence collector kit. This has 6 lip tints, 6 matte lip tints, 2 lip lustres and a skintuitive lip tint. Crazy right!? Yes this is VERY expensive but if you are willing to splurge on your favorite lip junkie then I recommend this! 

9. Essie Holiday Collection Set|$15|Here or Here

Finally, we have a cheaper gift. It is more of a friend gift or a small little extra gift for someone. It's basically Essie's holiday collection in minis. For a nail polish lover this would be perfect because they get to try a whole collections without the high price tag. 

That is the end of my beauty gift recommendations. If you'd like a part two just let me know, I could list a ton of different gifts for the beauties in your life! If you enjoyed this let me know by liking the post and if you aren't in bloglovin' then leave a comment! Hope you are all excited for Christmas as much as I am! I also wanted to announce the I am going to do BLOGMAS this year, meaning I am going to blog everyday until Christmas! It will be tough but I am going to try. Very excited!

For blogmas do you want every post to be Xmas related or just a few a week? Do you get stuck     trying to find a gift for someone? 


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Christmas Favorites- Countdown 2 Christmas Cheer

Hello my beautiful friends! How has your week been so far? With Christmas fast approaching, people start bringing out their decor, listening to Xmas music, watching Christmas movies and burning scented, cozy candles. Some may say it's too early but I say the earlier the better! Christmas is just fabulous! I am going to share with you today my Christmas favorites/ musthaves! I've provided links for easy access to my favs! Let's get started....

Christmas songs are just perfect, if they didn't exsist Christmas would lose some spirit! I can listen to Christmas songs all day, everyday! I've just listed some down below but I guarantee, you play any Xmas song and I will love it!

Songs: All I Want For Christmas is You:
Mistletoe-whole Justin Bieber album:
whole Mariah Carey Christmas album:
Michael Buble Christmas album: (only available on computers)
Kelly Clarkson Christmas album:
Santa Claus is coming to town:
And very many more....

Movies pretty much make Christmas time, it's pretty much the only holiday/season that has real, good movies. Besides halloween but those are mostly just scary movies based on halloween night! Movies are my life at Christmas, I watch them all probably 10 times a season! I know I'm crazy! 

 Movies: Ultimate Christmas Present: trailer
Christmas with the Kranks: trailer
How the Grinch Stole Christmas:
Jingle All the Way:

Scents: All Bath and Body Works- Twisted Peppermint, Winter Candy Apple, Vanilla Bean Noel, Any spicy or vanilla or pine scent:
I pretty much only buy candles from BBW,sorry if you don't have one where you live but if you can get your hands on them I really reccommend them! 

Candy: I love anything peppermint! Candy is always the best around Christmas so I don't have a favorite really, it's all soooooo good! I could live in Christmas candies! 

Nails: cute polish on YouTube has a super cute Christmas nail guide, I love all the designs in it:
Definitely check out her video if you want some inspiration! 

Another Christmas favorite are cute and warm christmas printed pyjamas. When I put them on, instantly I feel in the Christmas spirit! I also must have a cute Christmas sweater/ jumper. I haven't 
found one yet that I love but I will find one! It's my mission 

That's all my Christmas favorites/ must haves I have for now! Christmas, as you can clearly see is my favorite time of year! It's so happy and joyful.... I could just live in Christmas all year! Thanks for reading my loves! 

What are your Christmas favorites/musthaves? Have you heard any of these songs? Have you seen  any of these movies?
head2toevogue, xoxo 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Beauty Blogger Series- Favorite Nail Polish



Hello there my beautiful people! Happy Sunday.... not really, there is school and work tomorrow, boo. Sadly, today is not a Christmas post. No Sundays will have a Christmas post but every other day will. Today I will be doing my 3rd Beauty Blogger Series post. This week is nail polish, so I am sharing with you my favorite nail polish. Finally, it's not revlon! Let's get started

My favorite nail polish is China Glaze Ruby Pumps. It's a red, glittery color. It's a very Christmassy color which is mostly why it's my favorite right now. #noshame. It goes on evenly in two coats and lasts quite a long time without chipping. The formula isn't too thick or too thin, it goes on perfect. 

The brush is thin so if you have small nails it's perfect. It may take longer to paint your nails if they're larger but I would say its worth it. The brush doesn't streak the polish or take off the 
polish in spots. 

You may be thinking "but it has glitter won't it take forever to take off?" The answer is NO! This is super easy to take off! It comes off like regular nail polish. I was worried when I put it on that it would take so long to take off but I was pleasantly surprised. 

This nail polish is fun, glittery and classic. I definitely recommend you try this! 

What's your favorite nail polish? Have you ever tried this nail polish? Would you like to try this?
                                                      head2toevogue, xoxo

Friday, November 15, 2013

The Christmas Tag!- Countdown 2 Christmas Cheer

Hello there my beautiful friends! Guess what today is? That start of my Christmas Series! This series is called Countdown 2 Christmas Cheer! At the end of every post I will post a picture of how many days are left so read till the bottom! I am very excited about this series because I love Christmas so much. For some of you this may be too early but there aren't enough days in December! To kick off this series I am going to do The Christmas Tag. I wasn't tagged by anyone but I am still doing it anyway! Lol. Let's get started.....

Do you prefer a real tree or synthetic?
I always have and always will have a synthetic tree but I do like the feel and look of real ones. They are just too messy and will die by the time Christmas comes, I put it up too early. haha.

You're in a coffee shop, its December, what do you pick up?
I love the peppermint mochas or gingerbread lattes or any holiday drink really! They are all so good.

What's your favorite color scheme for decorating the tree?
My tree is just a jumble of things but I really like gold and silver or silver and red or red and green and silver and gold!

Giving gifts or receiving gifts?
Just admit it, you all like getting gifts. If you say you don't your lying! But I do like the feeling of giving someone that perfect gift and seeing the smile across their face. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy!

To mince pie or not to? What's your favorite Christmas dessert/treat?
I am not sure what mince pie is so I changed it to my favorite Christmas dessert. Well my favorite dessert is pie! Apple, pumpkin etc.. any kind!
What's your traditional Sunday lunch-change to breakfast?
It's just the traditional breakfast. Bacon, eggs, sausage, hashbrowns etc...

Christmas day fashion?
I just wear my new pajamas I get for Christmas all day! If not I wear comfy clothes!

What's your favorite Christmas song?
Oh gosh! I have too many. I do even know where to start! All I Want for Christmas is You, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bell Rock, Santa Baby, Mistletoe by Justin Bieber. Pretty much all Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber Christmas songs. I like all types: the classic, pop versions and slow covers.

Open presents before or after lunch?
Definitely before!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Hello there beautiful people! You may be thinking... Why are you posting? It isn't your regular posting schedule. Yes you are right! I just wanted to quickly mention this new challenge I will be taking part in come the new year of 2014. This challenge is created by Gaby from Another Girly Blog

The challenge is called the 2014 Blogger Challenge. Basically it's where you have to write twice a month on different things. The posts will go live the 1st and 3rd week of every month. If you sign up you will receive an email every month informing you of the topic. The topics are to help you write new things you wouldn't normally write about on your blog.

Anyone can join! No matter your blog topic you are welcome to join the challenge. To get involved all you have to do is go Here and leave your blog URL, email and name in the comments or if you prefer you can email her at So far there are 69 participants! Wow crazy right?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Winter Musthaves

Winter Musthaves

Winter Musthaves by beautywarrior1 featuring pink crew socks
Will take you to my Polyvore will names and prices of all products!

Hello my beautiful people, I hope your day was wonderful and magical! Today I am going to share with you my Winter Musthaves! In September I did my Fall Musthaves so I decided to do my winter ones. I know it's not technically Winter yet but who cares. Once it starts snowing in the world, I call it Winter. I am starting my Christmas series on Friday so I thought this would be a pre-series kickoff. I am still going to do a separate Christmas Musthaves which will be my movies, more candles, songs and stuff like that. Well let's get into it. 

Everyone needs that pair of fuzzy, soft, warm, cozy socks. You can wear them under your boots or just around your house. They keep your toesies warm and toasty. You can find cheap ones at Target, Walmart, Aeropostale, HM etc...

This was also in my Fall Musthaves but sweaters are a need in winter too. They are good for layering shirts underneath and they keep you warm. In the winter I opt for super thick and chunky ones so I don't freeze my toosh off, haha don't worry I won't say that again. You can find sweaters pretty much anywhere so it's no need to worry. 

Beanies or toques are very useful on those super cold, snowy days when you feel like your face is gonna freeze and fall off. They,one, keep the snow off your hair and ,two, keep you extra warm.

Sweatpants are an essential for me in the winter. They feel like your not wearing pants while still keeping you warm, especially if you buy super thick ones. If it's extra cold you could even put leggings underneath. 

Now onto nail polish, in winter I opt for silvers, golds, glitter, reds and greens. They are just so Christmassy. As you can see I love Essie nail polish, their formula amazing and they have such a wide color range. 

The Starbucks holiday drinks are amazing, they have the Peppermint Mocha, Gingerbread Latte, Carmel Brule Latte and another one, I think. They are so spicy and Christmassy, I love it!

Late but not least is candles. My favorite from last year was twisted peppermint but that may change when their holiday scents come out. Oh yea! I'm talking about Bath and Body Works Candles. 

That is all my winter Musthaves or essentials. I hope you enjoyed and are excited for Christmas series to start. But one thing, I need help naming my series. I have a few ideas but I'm not sure:

2.Christmas Countdown
3.Christmas Cheer

Could you please tell which one you like best or if you have a better one let me know! I'm really stumped. 

What are your Winter Must haves?

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Beauty Blogger Series- Favorite Mascara!

Hello loves, it's Sunday! Today is my second post in the beauty blogger series! This week is mascara so I am going to share with you one of my favorite Mascaras. I just realized it's another Revlon product...oops! Well let's get on with it...

One of my many favorite mascaras is the Revlon Lash Potion by Grow Luscious. First off just look at that packaging. It's so colourful and potion-like. It's a pretty big tube, really long, but it's slim so it's not too bulky. The bottle shape is pretty simple, there's no weird bumps and anything. It's also a very metallic bottle which makes it more fancy in my opinion.

The brush is very long and big. If you have big eyes it would be absolutely amazing. I have pretty small eyes and I can still use this comfortably though. That's one of the big reasons why it's my favorite, you can use it on all eye shapes. If you have small eyes though you have to be a little more careful as it can get everywhere. This doesn't have plastic bristles so it gives a lot of volume. Plastic bristles give more separation and length. It is easy to get mascara on your lids so be careful.

The formula, I would say, is very wet so it can get clumpy but not bad at all. I rarely ever get clumps using this. It gives a lot of length, like a lot! It gives good volume too but not as much as other Mascaras. To get full impact you have to put on 2-3 layers but don't put too much as it can get spidery and you don't even have to curl your lashes before! It curls them for you, I don't know how. It feels kind of heavy on the lashes but nothing too annoying. 

One bad thing about this mascara is that it flakes and smudges a lot. It's really annoying but it can be fixed with mascara primer, a coating you put on your lashes which makes any mascara waterproof or put a waterproof mascara over it. 

This definitely one of my favorite mascaras! If you are in need of a new mascara I would really reccommend this and see how you like it. It's not too expensive, it's anywhere from $5 to $11 CAD. 

And remember on Friday the 15th I am starting my Christmas series so be on the lookout and on the 14th I am decorating my blog for Christmas! I may change something in the banner and add some Christmas details so look out for that also.

Thanks for reading my lovelies and hope you have a fabulous week! 

       What's your favorite mascara? Have you tried this mascara? What are your thoughts?

Friday, November 08, 2013

Know Your Ingredient- Mineral Oil

Hello there my beautiful friends! How was your week? Mine was fabulous. Not many people, including me, know what mineral oil is. It sounds quite good for you: mineral- you need them for your health and are very beneficial, oil- moisturizing and protective. So I did some research on it and this is what I found: (beware-there wasn't much on it so this is very short post but what I did find was very interesting) 
Know Your Ingredient- Mineral Oil

What is it?
Mineral Oil is clear, colorless, scentless petroleum by-product. It's used in anything from cooling systems to lubricants to cosmetics and medicine. Petroleum is used to make gasoline and is the main ingredient in Vaseline. 

Mineral is the most effective moisturizer you can get. It coats your skin so it locks in moisture. Some people say it clogs your pores while others say it is perfectly safe for all skin types. Some people also say it stops the toxins from leaving your body but others say it doesn't. It's all up to you! 

There is talk that it is a carcinogen meaning it is cancer causing! Eek! Untreated or lightly treated mineral oil is a group 1 carcinogen and refined oil is group 3. You're probably thinking "what the heck does that mean?!" Well, group 1 means it's highly toxic, cancer causing. Group 3 means it is very low risk. They cant say its harmless because based on studies, it isn't. Cosmetic companies are only allowed to use refined mineral oil so there isn't a huge worry. 

Side effects?
There is only one side effect, it cause sun sensitivity. Basically, either apply that sunscreen or don't leave the house unless you want to burn or heighten your risk of cancer! 

Final Thoughts:
Basically, it the risk out way the benefits. Unless you have insanely dry skin I would skip this ingredient. But it's all about what you care about. 

Thanks so much for reading my lovelies. Hope you found this helpful. Request any other ingredients you want me to research down below. 

Do you use mineral oil? Do you like it? Will you keep using it/will you still try it out? 

head2toevogue, xoxo

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

My Top Cold Weather Products!

Hello there my beautiful friends. As we all know and experienced, when cold weather strikes your lips, face and body feel the wrath. I do admit that I love cold weather but I don't love the dryness that comes along with it! I am going to share with you some of my favorite cold weather products a.k.a my winter holy grails!

Cold Weather Products!

Cold Weather Products! by beautywarrior1 featuring lip care
Will take you to my Polyvore where you can see all the prices of products!


Firstly, you need a good lip scrub to get rid of all the dead, dry skin on your lips. My all time favorite lip scrubs are by lush! They have yummy flavours and they are edible. If you don't want to spend money on a scrub then just combine sugar, oil and honey together. There ya go a D.I.Y scrub!

Second, you need a good lip balm. I still haven't found an amazingly mositurizing one that I can't live without but I do have a few the are very good. The first is the Fresh Sugar Lip Balm, they are very shiny and smooth. The next is the Burt's Bees, it's a basic lip balm moisturizing but not noticeable on the lips. The last is the rosebud salve, the base is petroleum so it's very thick and shiny.  I love them all!


First, you need a face exfoliator to smooth out your skin and eliminate the dry patches. For more sensitive skin I would reccomend the St.Ives Gentle Apricot Scrub and for more tough skin the Lush Ocean Salt Scrub. They are both amazing at getting rid of flakiness.

Secondly, you need a good moisturizer to keep your skin from drying out. For more normal to dry skin I would try the Nivea Pure and Natural Day Cream, for normal to combo the Yes to Cucumbers daily moisturizer its light and moisturizing and for oily I reccommend the La Roche Posay Effaclar Mat. They are all moisturizing and protect the skin. Note that the Effaclar will NOT be as hydrating as it's for oily skin.

Last, you need a good hydrating face mask. The Avene Hydrating Mask is good for hydrating parched skin and the Origins Face Masks are always good. They have 3 masks for different skin types so you will find one to suit you. But for winter I would go for the hydration one.


Firstly, you need to scrub all the dryness off your hands and body. Again I would reccomend the Ocean Salt for your hands and body. For your hands you can also find a scrubber brush and some soap to get rid of the dryness. To keep your skin moisturized go for a hydrating body wash. 

Finally, you need a body and hand cream. For your body I would say to just use coconut oil, but make sure you use a little as it can be greasy. If coconut oil is too greasy for your liking I would reccommend the Pacifica Body Butters. They are thick and hydrating and have a ton of yummy scents. For hands the eos is a lighter moisturizer for not super dry skin. For more dry hands go for the Soap and Glory Hand Food or True Blue Spa Shea Cashmere Hand Cream(bath and body works). They are both very hydrating and perffff for cold weather.


I have one simple product: COCONUT OIL! Seriously amazing for hair! Enough said.... Just try it!

To make it more festive try and find Christmas scents! If you want me to do my favorite Christmas themed products leave a comment!

Thanks for reading my lovelies and remember to enjoy the cold weather while it lasts(that's if you like cold weather) and remember that not this Friday coming up but next Friday I officially launch my Christmas series so comment some Christmassy things you want to see! 

 What's your go-to cold weather product? Are you excited for the cold weather? 

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Beauty Blogger Series- Lipstick- Favorite Fall Lipstick




Hello there my beautiful people. This is my first post in the beauty blogger series! This week is lipstick. I am going to share with you beauty's my favorite fall lip color. With fall comes dark lip colors and dry lips. Every year I have one lip color that is my must have and I wear it every day. This years must have lip color is by Revlon, its their super lustrous lipstick in Wine with Everything. 

It's a gorgeous red, I would say its a true red. It's a dark color even though in the tube it looks light. It's very pigmented, one swipe and you have a full red lip. It's a creme finish and lasts decently long. It's has a bit of shine but not too much that your lips look like a stop sign. This is the red that makes your teeth look whiter or at least mine. It's a perfect fall lip product, it's not drying and it doesn't feather. It's cheap at only 5 or 6 dollars which amazing for how good it is.

This would also be an amazing Christmas color. Personally I don't think this is a super bold unwearable color. I defininetly think it's appropriate for everyday wear but that all depends on the person. It doesn't even feel like your wearing anything in your lips which makes it even better because I don't want to feel like I have 10 pounds of lipstick on. If you could only buy one lipstick for fall/winter I definitely recommend this one if you like red. 

            What's your lip color must have for fall? Do you like dark reds, pink or purples more?

Friday, November 01, 2013

Beauty Wishlist! November!

    Hello there my beautiful people! How was your Halloween? Where has this month gone! It actually felt so fast but I am not complaining because that means I can now start getting excited for Christmas without people thinking I'm crazy! I have my countdown app and everything! A little hint to you all, I am starting my Christmas posts November 15th so be on the lookout!

Anyway a little off topic, haha. Today I bring you my October recap and my November lust worthy products!