Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Quick Beauty Tips <3 - Tip Tuesday!

Beauty Tips

Hello my beautiful people! How was the start of your week? Mine was alright nothing too amazing :/
Today... Err.. Tonight? I am going to share with you a quick tip or two for each part of your makeup routine and some general tips. Let's get into it..

1. Face- After Face Wash
Pat your face dry. It will avoid irritation and broken capillaries. If you have the time, air dry! The lint from a towel can cause breakouts. 

2. Moisturizer
Apply your moisturizer when your face is still slightly moist. Your skin soaks it in better when your face is damp. You can also do this with your body too! double whammy! 

3. Foundation
Use a damp brush or sponge to get rid of the cakey look. If your foundation is too thick it will also help thin it! I recommend the beauty blender, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

4. Concealer
Use your finger to blend it. The warmth from your body will melt it into your skin for flawless blend.

5. Powder
Don't swipe on your powder, dab it on your skin. If you swipe your brush you will take off the foundation you put on. Dabbing with keep your foundation in the same place. 

6. Eyeshadow
Dab on the powder. It will give you more pigmentation and help lower fallout amount. This is a no duh! but always use an eyeshadow primer! It stops creasing and makes it last longer. 

7. Eyeliner
For liquid always use small strokes you will get more precision than if you were to do one continuous line.

8. Mascara
Use a card of some sort or paper to put on your lid and under your eyes while you put mascara on. It will stop you getting the dreaded black dots and will give a cleaner look.

9. Blush
When finding a natural blush shade pinch your cheeks and the color that shows up is your natural blush shade. Find a blush close to that. 

10. Shaving
If you run out of shave cream, use conditioner instead. It moisturizes and protects your legs just as well as shave cream. 

11. Dry Lips
If you don't have a lip scrub and no time to make your own just use your toothbrush! When brushing your teeth just scrub your lips as well!

12. Nails
When painting your nails put oil or Vaseline them if you get polish around your nails you just wipe off the oil rand it's gone!

13. Hair 
If you have no dry shampoo you can use baby powder (light hair) or cocoa powder (dark hair). You probably have it at your house anyway!

That is the end of my beauty tips! There are loads more but I wanted to just stick with 1 or 2 per category. If you'd like another one just let me know. These are just some simple tips that can make your life easier or avoid some frustrations. Thanks for reading my loves! xx

What is your number on beauty tip? What's your favorite from this list?

Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Fresh New Start- All About Change

      Hello there my beautiful people! Have you ever been sick and tired of something in your life and just wanted change but can't seem to bring yourself to do it? Whether it's about your hair, your house, your clothes, your friends, your job and so on... Change can be a hard thing to accept or bring yourself to do. You may have to change things for a negative reason or just because your tired of it.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Fall Style Steal- Miranda Kerr

      Fall Style Steal

Hello beautiful people, how was your work week? Aren't you just so happy it's Friday? I sure am! A few weeks back I did a fall style steal for Selena Gomez and I felt another one was long overdue. I love reading these posts because if you love an outfit and don't know where to buy anything or it's so expensive that you just give up on it. Fall style steals are basically where I find a celebrity outfit that is fall appropriate and I find cheap alternatives to the outfit. They aren't exact pieces at all, they are way cheaper. Who says you can't look cute for cheap? I will be doing these every season, so during winter they will be winter style steals and so on. 

This outfit is based on Miranda Kerr. I instantly fell in love with this because it has booties which I love and a denim jacket which is so effortlessly cute. I realized after I uploaded the photo into blogger that I forgot the hat and sunglasses! But fedoras are very easy to find and sunglasses are also everywhere. 

This outfit is very neutral and clean. I find that the ankle tuxedo pants add a different look than just black skinnies. Paired with the bootie they are just perfecto! You expose a little leg but not too much. The white button is s plain piece that goes with everything.  This outfit is full of different textures: leather, suede, denim, chiffon and the pants are slightly leather looking. All the textures make it more interesting. It doesn't include that many fall trends beside the booties but the makes you more original. I feel this is more of a summer to fall outfit or for a warm fall day. If it's very cold where you live this won't be one to go to but you could use it for spring, maybe? Check out my Polyvore page for prices and where to buy each piece. 

Do you like this outfit? Do you like Miranda Kerr? What's your go to fall outfit? 
Comment any other celebrity outfits you want me to steal.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Versatile Blogger Award- #1

Hello my beautiful people! Hope the start of your week was absolutely devine and the rest of your week is has well. Today I have a post that I am beyond excited about! I won my first blogger award! I can't even explain how excited I am to win this. I was tagged by the lovely Alicia(yes who I did my collab with). Her blog is thebeauty-journals.blogspot.co.uk and she is an absolute doll. 

So first off, what is the versatile award? It's an award given to bloggers that you love! In order to be nominated you have to have a good quality blog, pictures and have a unique feel. If you were nominated all you have to do is display the award on blog, announce win and thank nominater, post 7 interesting things about yourself, nominate 15 lovely bloggers and link them in the post and comment on their blog. 

My 7 Facts: 1) I have had 4 pets in my life. 2) I would love to visit the U.K and Europe and Australia 3) I have so many favorite shows I can't even count. 4) I absolutely hate all forms of unequality 5) If I could only eat one thing it would be pizza or chocolate. 6) I suck at video games but I play them a lot. 7) Lastly, I HATE mess, all mess! 

Now for the bloggers I nominate: 

Thanks so much again Alicia! I hope to see all the bloggers I nominated do this. And check out my new signature mad by missbeautyobsession! 


Sunday, October 20, 2013

All About Primers!

Hello my beautiful friends! How were you this fine Sunday? If you're a new reader from the #bbloggers chat, well hello there I am head2toevogue and this is my little blog in the blogosphere. Get comfortable, stay a while. Is it just me or do I seem to mention the blogger chat every post? (I swear I am not sponsored by them!) Anyway, who here as heard of a primer *most hands go up*. I am sure a lot of you know a lot about them but there may be the few who don't. So I am here today to teach you!

Friday, October 18, 2013

How to Find Confidence!

Hello my beautiful readers! Thank goodness it's Friday! How has your week been? Mine felt so long and tiring. Today's post is something a little different and I haven't done anything like this before. It's about confidence, more specifically how to be confident and be happy with yourself. Confidence is one of the main struggles girls or any teenager deals with, even grown women deal with it sometimes. I just want everyone to be confident and happy in their own skin. 


Know Your Ingredient- Glycolic Acid

         Hello my beautiful ladies(and gentleman.we don't discriminate here on head2toevogue). Thank goodness its Friday! TGIF TGIF TGIF! How has your week been? If it was bad just remember that everything happens for a reason, maybe this week was bad to make next week amazing! Anyway, I know that a lot of people including me don't know a lot about different ingredients in their products. Whether they're harmful or harmless, if they are for your skin type or not, if they are irritating or soothing. Today I am going to talk about an ingredient that not a lot of people know what it does, Glycolic Acid. The name sounds very scary.. doesn't it?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What's Hot... What Not- Oily Skin vs Dewy Skin

Hello my beautiful people! How has the start of the week been? Hope it's been amazing and if not I hope your week gets better. Mines been great!

So I'm sure everyone is familiar with the term shiny skin? Right? I'm sure the first thing the pops into your mind is "ewwww, oil, horrible, need matte face NOW". But don't be so sure that a matte face is always better. What!?! You say, you want me to leave oil on my face? NO! To much oil from your face will cause blackheads and breakouts! I mean trying out dewy skin. Here's my What's Hot and... What's Not... For oily skin vs dewy skin!

What's Hot: Dewy Skin

Dewy skin is gorgeous. If you've heard the saying a 'healthy glow', that's what dewy skin is. Dewy skin makes your skin look slightly wet but only on the high points on your face. To get dewy skin you matte your face then add a liquid highlighter to your cheek bones and any other high points. But AVOID the t-zone because then you will be verging on oily looking. 

As you can see in the picture she doesn't look oily but like she has a glow to her complexion. This picture is a great representation of the dewy look

What's Not: Oily skin

Oily skin makes you look like a hot mess! It separates your makeup and enlarges your pores. I struggle with oily skin and it's not pretty when I get home after a long day. It is mostly relevant in your t-zone so your forehead, nose area and chin. There's no way to rock the oil. But I would avoid putting powder on top of oil and then keep piling it on. You should blot with oil absorbing sheet and then apply powder if you like. 

As you can see from the picture she doesn't have a glow on her cheek bones or any pretty glow she has a big shine spot on her forehead, nose area and chin. It magnifies her pores in those areas but luckily you cant see so close that you can't see her makeup separated. This is a MILD case of oil. 

I don't know about you but I can see a huge difference between oil and dewiness. So what have you learned? Avoid the oil unless you want to look boiled and highlight the high to look devine. Sucky rhymes but you get the point. And don't blot over oil!  

Tip: if you are getting flash photography done blot ALOT! 

                              Are you a victim of oily skin? Do you like the dewy or matte look?
                                   Have you ever been struck with an oil slick during the day?
                                                                   xoxo, head2toevogue

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

10 New Blogs I Found, That I Love!

Hello my beautiful people! How has your Tuesday been? Mine was the same as every weekday, boring and taken up by school. I hope yours was way better. Today I share with you the top 10 blogs that I have recently found. By recently I mean mostly on Sunday through the #bblogger chat on Twitter. I may not have been a long term reader of them but I know I love them. 
*the blogs are in no order*

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Top 5 Must Have Products! Collab with TheBeauty-Journals

Hello Everyone,

Everyone has those certain things that they just can't live without. Me and Alicia definitely have those. Yes that's right, today I bring you a collab post. We are sharing our top 5 products we CANNOT live without. Make sure you check out her blog for her top five products: thebeauty-journals.blogspot.co.uk


These are my top favorites...

Friday, October 04, 2013

Beauty Wishlist! September Closing... October Wishes!

Hello Everyone....

As one month passes another is just beginning. That's right it's the end of back to school season and the start of the spooky, haunting season (back to school is still pretty haunting though...right?) Today I bring you the recap of my September wishes and my new lust-worthy products. 


Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Take-Me-Back Tuesday! 90s Trends

Hello Everyone

   Well... Where has September gone? September went by super fast, it's already October! Happy month of Hallowe'en! I want to do a Hallowe'en countdown through posts(a series) but I don't know if you guys would like that, do you? Let me know. But... Today's post isn't about Hallowe'en or even Fall, it's about past 90s trends that are making a comeback...


There are a number of things that were 'trendy' or 'hip' in the 90s and then they just fell off the face of the earth... until now. Some of these trends I am sad to say are coming back but others I am so excited. 

                                                             The first trend is:
Scrunched used to be crazy popular, in kids, teens and young adults. They were the 'it' thing, I'm sure we all had at least one in our life. This is a trend I am happy to say is coming back, they add such a fun and retro feel to a simple bun of pony. My favorite way to wear them is placed around a bun.

                                                             The next trend is:

Leather, this as been around for a while but they used to where leather pants with leather jackets. A lot of leather. I am not sure how I feel about this one, I like the leather jackets(if done right) but I'm not a huge fan of leather pants. This isn't the best picture but google sucks. 

                                                                The third trend is:
Overalls.... *shiver*..... not a fan of this trend coming back. No offence if you like them. People used to where them one strap undone, both undone and both done up. They were baggy and frumpy. Now they are more fitted and they made short overalls, they are more fashionable now but still they make people look frumpy. Overalls were a unisex thing and now mostly only girls where them or little boys.

                                                   The second to last trend is:

Plaid. As you see from the picture above(who remembers clueless?) plaid was major. Even all plaid outfits. Nowadays people wear plaid shirts or flannels not plaid skirts, dresses or pants. Some still wear plaid coats but they aren't as popular. I love wearing plaid shirts, they are comfy and cute. I am not a fan of the all plaid outfits or lower body clothing. 

                                                          The last trend is:

Knee High Socks, again not a huge fan of its comeback. I like them with knee high boots, but not with short boots, high heels, sneakers or even thigh boots. I don't like them with any lower body wear except jeans or leggings. They used to wear them with skirts or dresses and small heels. Now they also wear them will shorts, dresses or skirts and short boots and sneakers. Not my favorite. 

What do you think of the trends that are coming back? 

Thanks for Reading!