Sunday, September 29, 2013

Top 5 Fall Eyeshadows!

Hello Everyone

   How has everybody's weekend been? Today I participated in my first #bbloggers chat on twitter! Everybody's so supportive and nice on it, I really recommend it. I got to talk to so many different bloggers and found some new blogs and shared my link with some people. 

   Tonight I decided to share with you all my top 5 fall eyeshadows. In the fall time my eye looks get darker and I wear more jewel tones and dark smokey colors. All the shadows are from different palettes except two. 






The first one is the shade "plum" from the Sephora Primal Instincts Palette. It's a gorgeous shimmery deep purple color. It's amazingly pigmented and is gorgeous against brown eyes.

The second one is a deep brown shimmer color. This color came from a BH Cosmetics sample palette in my Ipsy bag. It is a shade from the BH Cosmetics San Francisco palette. Sorry I can't be more helpful 

The next is the shade "Naked 2" from Urban Decay. It's just a matte taupe shade. This isn't a super fall shade but its great for blending or a subtle crease shade to darker colors even more.

The second to last is from the BH Cosmetics 88 Color Palette Neutral. They don't have specific names so its the 3rd row from the right and the last one. It's a dark shimmery cranberry color, I just love it. It shows up brighter in a swatch but its still fall appropriate.

The last is also from the same palette. This one is the 3rd row from the left and the second to last one. This a shimmery olive green color, it's perfect for this fall because olive green is one of the trend colors.

As you can see from the swatches above the two BH cosmetics ones are a lot brighter in swatch. 

Those are my top five eyeshdows I will be wearing this fall. What are your top five eyeshadows? I may have to try some more out. Also high five to the people here from the #bbloggers chat. Thanks for reading!


head2toevogue <3

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

E.L.F Duo in St. Lucia - Review!

Hello Warriors

    How was everybody's Tuesday? Mine was SUPER boring, hopefully yours was SUPER fun! Anyway,  I was trying to think of a fall post and I just couldn't think of any! So I decided to review something I was planning to review for a long time. The product I am going to review is the E.L.F Blush and Bronzer Duo.

     Some people say this is a dupe for the Nars Orgasm and Laguna duo, I have never tried it or seen it so I have no idea. This duo is $3 USD and is sold at some American Targets or on the E.L.F  website: 

     Both the blush and Bronzer are super shimmery but they are beautiful. When swatches the shimmer is definitely not as noticeable.

     The blush when swatched as a metallic sheen to it but no noticeable shimmer. The bronzer when swatched looks almost completely matte with maybe a few tiny specks of shimmer. 

     Both the blush and bronzer are very pigmented. When swatching the blush it is kind of chalky and there is some 'fallout' but when applied on the checks it isn't chalky at all.

I wouldn't recommend the bronzer if you are dark complexion as it is not a super dark bronzer but if you are a pale to medium skin tone I think this would work for you. I think the blush could work for any skintone but on dark skintones it might be a little to bright. I would still give it a try, it's only 3 dollars!

The name of the duo was on the outside packaging which I threw away along time ago. When I looked on the website there is three different colours you can get but mine is in St. Lucia (I'm pretty sure, judging by the looks of it on the website). You can see the different colours here:

Thanks for reading my little warriors and be sure to come back on Friday for a new post!

The Warrior <3 

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***this is not a sponsored posts. I paid for this with my own money. I didn't get asked to mention this. I have nothing to do with the brand E.L.F****

Sunday, September 22, 2013

I ❤ Fall

I ❤ Fall

I ❤ Fall by beautywarrior1 featuring a chunky knit infinity scarf

Hello Warriors

To kick off the first day of Fall, I decided to do the I ❤ Fall tag!

Favorite fall nail polish?
Mine is OPIs Lincoln Parl After Dark. It's a super dark purple that when its on your nails, it looks black. I am not a huge fan of OPI but this color is just to gorgeous. I've been using it every year for almost 5 years!

Favorite fall lip product?
This one was hard because it depends on how I am feeling but I chose Revlons Berry Rich. Its exactly what it sounds like. A rich berry color. The super lustrous lipsticks are so smooth and luxurious. I love them!

Favorite fall Starbucks drink? 
I am going to be like  everyone else but I really do love the Pumpkin Spice Lattes. I don't think they taste like pumpkin but they still are super good. If you haven't tried one, go get into your car and drive to Starbucks and get. 

Favorite Fall Candle?
I am in love with all the bath and body works fall scents. But I really love Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin  SCP is a sweet cinnamon scent with a hint of pumpkin. I just want to eat it. 

Favorite Fall Accessory?
I love knit circle scarves! I love this one from HM. It's super warm and cozy. I recommend it.

Haunted house, haunted hay ride or haunted corn maze?
I've never been to a hay ride or cornmaze so a haunted house.

Favorite Halloween movie? 
I don't really have a favorite one but I really love the Halloweentown series.

Favorite Halloween Candy?
I'm not a huge candy person. I like candy corn but its not my favorite.  I don't really have a favorite.

Favorite thing about fall?
I love the sweaters and boots, the scents, the cold weather, the teas, the decor and obviously thanksgiving food. 

Fall style icon?
I absolutely adore Selena Gomezs style all years but her fall style is on point! Love it!

I tag

The Warrior <3

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Fall Style Steal- Selena Gomez

Hello Warriors
Selena Gomez Fall Style Steal

Selena Gomez Fall Style Steal by beautywarrior1 featuring a zip vest

This weekend is the weekend that officially kicks off the start of fall! In honor of that I found an outfit that incorporates all the fall trends in one! At the very beginning of fall its not super hot but it's not super cold, and I think this outfit is perfect to go along with crisp fall air.

The Military Vest is perfect because it gives you layers for warmth but you arent boiling because it doesn't cover your arms. The olive green and military trend are really in this fall so this is perfect. The black cropped cami is just simple, and goes great with the vest. Since the vest in green you don't want to add too much color and risk a color clash.

The black zipper pants are great, the zipper adds even more edge to the black pant. I love black jeans in the fall and winter but they can be so basic or boring, the zipper spices up a plain black pant. Booties are also really in this fall, the little cut outs in the sides let your feet breath a little. You don't want to wear a super warm boot in early fall as you will be super hot. I love the black buckle boots with cutouts, they are so new and different.

In this photo she is rocking a 4,000 dollar Chanel bag, I don't know about you but I don't have that kind of cash to spend on bag. Sooo, I looked a little and found some similar ones that are a lot
cheaper. I love the black quilted because it is simple and goes with everything but it has little flare with quilt pattern.

To see where all the items are from you can check out my polyvore account:

What do you think of this outfit Selena put together?

The Warrior


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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Trend Alert! Olive Green?

Hello Warriors

Trend Alert!

Trend Alert! by beautywarrior1 featuring a military jacket

As everyone knows, the military style is totally in this fall. Along with that is the Olive Green color. This can be found in anything from shirts to shoes to even accessories!
I love all things olive green. This trend is so easy to find too. You can walk into Walmart and you will see something Olive. The Olive military style coats are very in as well.
Are you for or against this new trend?

If you follow my Twitter you'd know I was having some picture issues. I decided to save my other post for another day because it was taking too long to figure out. I quickly posted this one to get something up. You may see another post tomorrow if I get it figured out.

The Warrior < 3

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hot or Not? Fall Plum Lips

Hello Warriors
Plum Lips?

Plum Lips? by beautywarrior1 featuring a plum lipstick

As everyone knows dark lips are a huge fall trend that everyone and their mother follows. One of the dark lips that is either a hit or miss with most people is plum lips. A plum lip color is a purple- red color but more purple. I was kind of scared of the plum lip color but I recently picked one up because it was on sale. I actually kind of like the plum lip color, it's definitely a very bold and dark choice. You have to wear it right, I think, for it to look good. I think it's a perfect fall color though and I definititely going to try find ways to wear it.

What's your opinion on the plum lip trend?

Quote of the Post: "Think of life as a storm, there is a rough, sad part but after that has cleared there is a rainbow and it is sunny, happy"

The Warrior

Friday, September 13, 2013

Fall Must Haves! + Update

Hello Warriors

Long time no post, right?  I know I know I have been MIA for 2 weeks and I am very sorry. I just started back to school and have already had 4 projects so I have been super busy with that and I have just been so tired after school that I didn't want to post anything. I came up with a new fall posting schedule: every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. Tuesday and Friday there will be a post for sure but Sundays are kind of a cheat day, if I want to post I will and if I don't I won't. Still be sure to check every Sunday.

I am creating a new fall series called FALLing With the Warrior! As everyone knows Fall is slowly approaching us,  8 days and 14 hours to be exact! Who is excited? I know I am! I love fall for the pumpkin everything, the boots, the sweaters, the leaves and the cozy candles. What do you love about Fall? We all have those certain things that we only bring out during the fall and some during the winter too. These are my fall must haves:

Fall Must Haves

One of my must haves is combat boots or any boots really. Combat boots are perfect to keep your feet warm and they are cute too! If you don't like the combat boot style you should try ankle booties or riding boots.

My next fall must have is thick, knit sweaters. They keep you super warm and cozy, they make you just want to fall asleep. You can layer them over tank tops and under jackets to keep extra warm.

The next one is a warm hoodie. Everyone need one of these for those days you want to be super warm and comfortable and not worry about looking amazing. I love just wearing leggings or jeans with a plain t-shirt and then a warm hoodie.

Next fall must haves are a knit cardigan and an army coat. The knit cardigan is perfect to just layer over plain t-shirts. The army coats are a really big trend this fall, so is the olive green color which I am super excited about. They are super fall!

Now onto my beauty must haves, the first is a berry lip color! I love the revlon lip butter in berry smoothie. Any berry toned color will work, even a dark red or purple is gorgeous. Dark lips are a must!

Along with dark lips, you also need dark nails. I love super dark reds, blues and purples, almost so dark it just looks like black. Dark every in the fall.

My last two are random, fun favorites. The first is fall scented candles or wax melts! I love love love the fall scents from bath and body works but really any pumpkin, spice, apple, cider, caramel scents work. My last must have is obviously the pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. Yumm! I know everybody and their mother loves them,  it they actually are delish! And.... Obviously Halloween movies are a must have for fall. Some of my favorites are the Halloweentown series, Phamton of the Megaplex, the Twitches movies, My Moms on a Date with a Vampire and recently Fun Size! What re yours?

I know this has been a very wordy post but I just love fall soooo much and I have a lot off noughts toward it. I think I am going to make a Winter edition of this! Let me know what your favorite thing about fall is?... And if you don't like fall tell me about your favorite season. Beware... all my posts for the next month and a half will somewhat be fall related, not all but most.

Quote of the Post:  "If you keep living in what if? then you have no time to live in the moment and          enjoy life"

The Warrior

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Share the Love! - freshbeautyxox or Shona

Hello Everyone!
Today I bring you a share the love post! I haven't done one of these in a while because I just didn't have anybody that I loved their blog or YouTube channel. But recently I did a little looking in the top blogs and up and coming blogs section of bloglovin' and I came across Shona. I clicked on her blog and entered a world of fabulous posts. I read through a bunch of her posts and found that she writes her blogs well and almost as if she's talking through the writing. I immediately followed her and also followed her on twitter. 

It hasn't been that long since I found her but I already know she is one of my favorite blogs. 


Above is some of her recent posts. From what I have read she used to post everyday but recently changed to every other day. So she does have a pretty good blogging schedule and her posts are always good quality too. Her pictures are quite good quality too. 

I really hope you all check her blog out and give her a follow and make sure you tell her I sent you. 

Shonas Links:

My Links:

Lots of Love, xoxo