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Whats In the Bag? July- Closing Thoughts + August Products!

Hello Warriors

Its the end of the month so it's time to give you my final thoughts on the products I chose to put in my makeup bag for July. Let's get into it...

Click here to view the description of the products and pictures!

The first product was Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Pressed Powder..  ...This powder right of the bat gives you a sunburnt look to your face if you apply just a little to much, the powder is the right shade too. It doesn't do this though if just applied over bare skin. It does give good coverage not full coverage but light to medium. It's also very matte. I don't think I would repurchase this because I wanted a powder that gave extra coverage over my foundation but I can't apply it over my foundation :\ It's good for light makeup days though :)

The next product is the Tarte Amazonian Clay Concealer...  ...This says its waterproof but its not! I went into the pool without rubbing my face and it still wore off... Big thumbs down. However it is full coverage and covers everything! Its also very easy to blend which is good for summertime when your too lazy and hot to spend a lot of time. I would repurchase it, this was the best product this month!

The final product is the Eyeko Skinny Brush Mascara...  ...This mascara shouldn`t say water- resistant, it should say waterproof! This is the hardest thing to take off ever!!! One night I didn`t even bother taking it off because it was taking too long and my eyes started to hurt. NOT GOOD! It does lengthen really well but absolutely no volumizing so it made me look like I have no lashes. Would be good if layered over or under a volumizing mascara, I think. Would not repurchase, least favorite product this month!

This month I feel was a big fail... only one of the three I would buy again! Let me know your opinion of these products in the comments if you`ve tried them.

Now for Augusts Products I`m trying. This months products are very summer related again.

The products I chose are The Physicians Formula Lash Boosting Eyeliner in Black and The Rimmel Natural Bronzer in Sunlight.

The Eyeliner says it boosts your lashes in 4 weeks, thats it has 24 hour wear and thats its water-resistant, smudge resistant! Hmmm...

The Bronzer says its waterproof and last for 10 hours. It also says it gives a natural bronze! Sounds good to me!

Excited to try this months products and see if they are good or not!

Quote of the Post: "Those who mind don`t matter, those you matter don`t mind"- Bernard M. Baruch

The Warrior <3

**None of the Brands mentioned are paying me. All opinions are my own. I am not forcing my opinion on anyone, everyone is different so take my reviews with a grain of salt**

Friday, July 26, 2013

Eyeliner 101! Part 1- Types of Eyeliners

 Hello Warriors

Second post of the day! *pats on the back* Anyway I am starting a mini series about eyeliner. I will make 3 or 4 posts about the basics of eyeliner! Exciting or What?? Lets get into...

I know for me that when I first encountered eyeliner I was like "What eyeliner do I use?!?!" "Where do I put it?!?!" "How do I use it?!?!" "I don't know what to do!!!". I'm here to stop the confusion and make it easy for people to know how to do it!

Today we are going to cover the types of eyeliners and the uses. First lets get this straight, eyeliners go on your eye: waterline, lashline, upper waterline or upper lashline, NOWHERE ELSE! There are many different types of eyeliners that you can use, some have a recommended place to put them but it's personal.


     <~~ Gel Eyeliner

  Retractable Liner ~~>

<~~ Nude Eyeliner

    Pencil Eyeliner ~~>

 <~~ Felt Tip(Liquid)

Use Eyeshadow ~~>

Gel Eyeliner is usually used on the upper lashline, mainly used to just create an intense single line. You can make a wing with it if you want.

Retractable Liner is the same as pencil liner. The only difference is if you don't like sharpening this does not need sharpening!

Pencil Eyeliner can be used for anything lower/upper lashline and lower/upper waterline! Its usually used for the waterlines or lower lashline. Its more difficult on upper lashline.

Nude Eyeliner is basically a pencil liner but nude. The nude is typically used for the lower waterline and nothing else. An alternative to nude is white eyeliner: Its used for the same things. Nude and White make your eyes look bigger!

Felt Tip(Liquid) is mostly used for a winged liner on the upper lashline. Your not really supposed to use on the waterlines or lowerlashline but can be done if you can do it. There is also just regular liquid liner which is harder to use. Its just a long skinny brush.

Using Eyeshadow gives a more subtle look, its not as harsh as other types. You can mainly use it on the lashlines. It can be used on waterlines though (probably won't)

Gel, Pencil, Retractable and eyeshadow usually come in different colors but it depends on the brand!  Nude and White are usually with pencil eyeliners as one of the colors.

Hope you found this helpful for all the eyeliner dummies! Stay tuned for the next Eyeliner 101! Thanks for reading.

Quote of the Post: "Be yourself; everyone else is already taken" - Oscar Wilde

The Warrior <3

**All Opinions are my own and I am not getting paid to mention any thing. All pictures are my own and all text are my own except the quote**

Share the Love! Blogger Edition/ Youtuber Edition - Crushing on Chic/ Juciystar07

Hello Warriors

    I bring you another Share the Love! I love doing these, it lets me share people who have good blogs or channels. This weeks is a youtuber and a blogger! She is..... or I love her soo much, I have watched every single one of her videos.

Her and her sister, Elle, have a book together (Beneath the Glittter), they have a cellphone line with Cellaris and they have their own makeup line. I have their book and one of their phone cases! She is my inspiration because even though she gets a lot of hate on her videos she stays strong and keeps on making them for the people that love her videos. She just recently started her blog and I love it so far.

She started making videos when she was 15 and hasn't stopped, she still has every single one of her videos up unlike a lot of other youtubers who take them down because they are "embarrassed". You should definitely check out her videos and blog.  If you love bubbly, happy and energetic people you will love her videos. <3 <3 <3

Go to her blog or youtube and tell her I sent you!

Also you may notice the blog change. I changed the layout of my blog to a more sophisticated, clean look. I hope you like it!

Quote of the Post:"That which doesn't kill us makes us stronger"-Friedrich Nietzsche(and Kelly Clarkson lol)
 The Warrior <3 

**all opinions are my own. The images were off of Quote is not mine**

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Parabens?!? What are they? Should I be scared?

Hello Warriors

  I have a more health related thing to share with you warriors today. This is a very important topic to me and I think it's good if you all know. I'm going to talk about Parabens! Most of you probably don't know what a paraben is, that's why I am going to talk to you about them...

First off, What are Parabens? They are a chemical that is used as a preservative in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food. They are low-cost so they are very common for people to use. Parbens have been found in breast cancer tumors, scary right? They also say that parabens mimic estrogen (female hormone which plays a role in breast cancer as well). There is no proven fact that parabens cause cancer but I'm not taking any chances.

How do I know if there's a paraben in a product? All you have to do is look at the ingredients list of your product. Parabens go by the names of methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, heptylparaben, isobutylparaben, isopropylparaben and benzylparaben.

Should I be worried? It depends on who you talk to, some people say there is no worry and they are harmless but other people say stay away from them they are harmful. I am the person saying stay away! Its better to be safe than sorry. If you use them saying they are fine then in like 5 years they prove they are bad, you are at a higher risk of illness than someone who didn't use them. Think about that.

Parabens absorb very quickly and into your body so as soon as you put it on its in you forever. You don't have to cut it all out completely right away, just do it slowly if you can.

Quote of the Post: "Your thoughts are your reality"- missmeghanmakeup on youtube
 The Warrior <3

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Beauty Wishlist! August

Hello Warriors

  Every month there is new things being released at the drugstore, department stores and sephora. I decided that all new products that come out in one month, I will choose about 2-5 things I want the following month. For example, out of everything that came out in July I chose 2 things I want to buy in August. I won`t just get to buy them, I am going to set a goal for each product and if I reach that goal I will let myself get the product. If I don't meet the goal I have to wait till next month. You might be thinking isn't this like the Whats in the Bag posts? No, For this I will be getting the products throughout the month that I don't have and for Whats in the Bag I put 1-3 products at the beginning of the month that I do have but haven't used then review them. Let's get started....

Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Powder Foundation

I have really been into powder foundations recently and I love the liquid foundation of this so I thought this
would be perfect. It is full coverage but I don't think it actually will be. I am very excited to try and get this, this month. The price of this product is steep at $43 CA but exercise is worth it!

My goal to get this is exercise everyday for at least 2 weeks. May seem easy but I get lazy a lot.

Rimmel London Show-Off Lip Lacquers(Apocalips in UK)
I have been looking everywhere for a bright lipstick that stays on and was pigmented but I could never find the perfect one. I saw reviews on these and it looks like I found the one. So I am excited to get these. This product varies in price so I`m not sure it will probably be around $6-$10 CA each

My goal to get these is read everyday of the month. I have been slacking with reading so I need this.

That is all the products I am interested in for next month. I will post a final post about my goals and these products at the end of the month, if I made it or not.

Quote of the Post: Live as if you were to die tomorrow, Learn as if you were to live forever -Gandhi

 The Warrior <3

**non of the brands mentioned are paying me to talk about them. All thoughts and opinions are my own. The pictures are not mine, I gave the website or person credit of the picture.**

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Share The Love! Youtuber Edition - HelloKatyxo

Hello Warriors

    I bring you another Share The Love post... this youtuber I have been loving this week is HelloKatyxo.

   I love her videos because she has some videos that are very arsy and cool looking. She is very talented at making videos. She has a lot of inspiring videos on her channel which I made a playlist of to look back on. A lot of her videos are very informational but not boring. I look forward to her videos!

  And can I just mention how gorgeous she is!!! Her eyebrows are so bold and dark and I love it. She also looks fabulous in red lips.

 you'll have to go see for yourself...

 The Warrior <3

Monday, July 15, 2013

Celebrity Style - Miley Cyrus

Hello Warriors

      I love Miley Cyrus' music so much and I used to love her a lot too. I am not a huge fan of her fashion though. I decided to do a style breakdown, I guess you would call it, of her fashion. This isn't a critiquing of her fashion its more of a explaining.

This first outfit I chose is a older picture of her as you can tell by the hair but I really do like this outfit. It has a very simplistic yet grungy feel. It's simple because she has on basic high-waisted jean shorts with a black strapless shirt. There is no bright colors, all her accessories are black. In her hand she is holding a blue plaid shirt which tones down the grunge a bit and shows off her country side a little.

The next outfit is more of a casual, comfy look. Again it's a simple look. All the pieces in this outfit are basics. Black jeans, baggy grey sweater and a simple orange top. The bagginess of the sweater adds a more casual feel, if you were to add a tight fitting cardigan it would be a more put together look. This shows that she is not afraid to not look perfect all the time.

The third outfit definitely a grungy look with the leather coat and all black. The whole outfit is kind of a slouchy, I don't care kind of look but the structure bag gives off the I did this on purpose vibe. The slouchy, grungy look paired with the structured bag balances the look out. This is definitely a Miley outfit

The final outfit is a more girly grungy look. I love this look because the cropped floral shirt adds a pop of color and a girly touch but the black doc martins add a more grunge look. I love the pairing of the high-waisted shorts with the crop top. This shows that Miley has that little bit of Hannah Montana left in her. This is one of my favorites looks.

Quote of the post- "Never look back on the past, look forward to the future and what's to come"- Me

 The Warrior <3

**I found the images on google. I would never say I took these photos when I did not. All opinions are my own and they were formed by my own brain. This isn't sponsored(even there is nothing to sponsor)The quote I honesty came up by myself, if it's a real quote by someone else I did not know**

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Review! Best Waterproof Mascara!

Hello Warriors,

      Have you looked everywhere for an effective mascara thats under five dollars? You probably aren't, but I'm going to tell you about one anyway! This mascara is from the brand New York Colors (NYC). It is $4.95 at the Walmart in Canada. I started using this last summer and it was awesome!

The mascara I'm talking about is the volumizing mascara SHOW TIME.

This mascara doesn't come in non-waterproof so its only my summer mascara which sucks. I have the extreme black formula.

           It gives so much volume just like the name says, but it doesn't get clumpy. I love it, it just separates your lashes and adds a little length.

      You can make it more natural my just putting one sweep over lashes or build it up to an intense lash.

The best part is how cheap it is!! This won't break the bank.

The brush isn't too big where you get it everywhere, but it isn't too small where it takes you so long to put it on. It's just the right size.

Note: I do have small eyes so if you have bigger eyes it might be too small.

That's just my short review of my summer mascara. I hope you have a chance to try it (you shoulds it's only $3-$5 max.) If you have tried it or tried it out because of this post let me know what you think!

 The Warrior.

**no brands payed me to mention their product, I bought this with my own money, this was not sent for free, the link is not affiliate, this is not sponsored**

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Underhyped- Sephora Primal Instincts Pallette!

Hello Warriors

    There are so many make-up products out there that are awesome but no one ever talks about. I got this Pallette a year ago and its awesome! There isn't a lot of mattes but that's fine with me because I love shimmery colors. They are very neutral colors which makes it a very useful and wearable palette. I think a lot of people could get use out of this palette. There is fourteen different eyeshadows and they are each 1.21g or 0.043oz. or 1.21 r. I haven't hit pan on any of them!
For my natural conscious people this palette is free of Parabens, Sulfates, Fragrances, Dyes, Petrochemicals, Phthalates, GMOs and Triclosan. The palette is $34 canadian

The top row is the lighter colors and more gold-ish colors and the bottom row is the darker colors and more bronze colors. My favorite colors are Apricot, Camel, Universal Beige and the two matte colors.

Sand is a light champagne color, its very wearable everyday color. If you have seen the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Barely Branded or Barely Beige its that exact color but in a powder. 

Gold is what the name says. Its a true gold color but with a little bit more orange in it than yellow. This is color is so gorgeous and pigmented.

Apricot is a rose gold color and its gorgeous. It has a slight pink color but nothing crazy like wow pink!

Tea Rose is a shimmery pink color. It is very pink but again not like BAM! pink. You could tell it's pink but its not overwhelming.

Taupe is just a dark grey. It is shimmery but the shimmer is not as noticeable as the other colors. Its basically like the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Tough as Taupe but shimmery.

Matte Brown is a matte brown. Haha. No shimmer, nothing. Its very dark so be careful.

Camel is a light brown color with a slight slight slight purple tinge to it, barely noticeable. This is a really pretty color.

Bronze is mid-tone brown with kind of a gold sheen to it. Its really good for deeper eye looks. 

Mahogany is a kind of red-ish brown color, its deeper than Bronze. It kind of look like a rust color.

Deep Burgundy is a deep deep brown with rust colored shimmer. I love it. Its good for outer corner.

Plum is like whats its called. Its a deep purple color but its still very wearable. Its not quite has dark as a real plum but its still gorgeous.

Steel is also just what it says. Its a steel grey color. It has a slight blue tinge to it which makes it look unique even when its not.

Must Have is just a matte black. Like its name states its a must have in anybodies eyeshadow collection. You can use it for eyeliner, smokey eye, outer corner, crease if you like that look and much more.

Overall this is a really good palette. If you like more mattes then I don't recommend this, but if you like more shimmer than this is perfect. It has a range of light to darks which is very awesome. Note that this palette contains not really any crease colors. I would not recommend to put shimmer in your crease and the two matte colors are very bold for crease.

 The Warrior <3

**Sephora and Maybelline are not paying me to mention their products in a post. All links are not affiliate. None of the products were sent for free to me. The palette was a gift from a family member. This is my honest opinion and was based on my own experience.**

Monday, July 08, 2013

Share The Love! Blogger Edition -Milkshake Break

Hello Warriors

  I know I just started up my blog but I already thought of another idea to add to my blog! Share The Love! This segment I will basically choose a new blogger, youtuber or celebrity every week and share a little about them. I really love this idea because its way to support other bloggers or youtubers that you enjoy watching and think they deserve more followers. Without further ado here is my love of the week....

...This week I choose a blogger. I just recently found her blog but I fell in love with it. Her name is PatrĂ­cia and her blog is She doesnt have very many blog posts up

the posts she does have up are so awesome and you can tell she put time into them. She does style 
inspirations, loves of the week, quotes and more. I really enjoyed reading the blogs she has up. I would 
love to do a collab with her or something! She even has a great post about confidence which you should
check out. It is very inspiring and she tells her story. 

Her blog is definitely worth checking out!


The Warrior <3

Get the Look! Kylie Jenner!

Hello Warriors

    You probably don't know this about me but I am obsessed with the Kardashians/Jenners. I really love Kylie and Kendalls fashion! I decided to do a fashion post on one of them, a Get the Look. This is not a look for less, I don't know where Kylie got her clothes from so I wouldn't know if it's cheaper or not. I know I always look at her clothes and ask myself where do I get that from? So I really love these posts. Some of the prices are in Canadian and some are in American so you can adjust it to whatever currency you use. This took me like a hour and a half to find pieces that look somewhat similar, trust me its hard. 

So this is the look I chose to do for Kylie. This a more simple look than what she usually wears but I love it.
She just has blue leopard jeans with a simple grey 3/4 sleeve shirt. Her shoes are just black distressed combat boots.

 I found this top on I know its not an exact dupe for Kylies shirt but I thought it was close enough. It's just a simple grey 3/4 sleeve.

The shirt $24 American
          Shirt Link

I found these pants on store.firetrap.comThese pants are a little darker than the ones Kylie is wearing but they are blue leopard pants. The pants are $19 Canadian or 12euros.

                                                     Pants Link

Finally I found these shoes on They are just distressed combat boot. I love these! They are $36.40 American. Shoes Link

The Warrior <3

Sunday, July 07, 2013


Hello Warriors,

   Seeing has it is summertime and I will be in the water a lot and sweating this months products are all sweat and water friendly.
The products I chose are the Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Pressed PowderTarte Amazonian Clay Concealer and the Eyeko Skinny Brush Mascara.

The Physician Formula Powder says it has good coverage and gives an airbrushed look. We will see about

The Tarte concealer says its 12h wear, waterproof and full coverage! Hope its true!

The Eyeko mascara says its water-resistant, 12h wear and easy to remove. That sounds pretty good to me!

Check back at the end of the month to see what I though of these products.

The Warrior <3

**none of the brands are paying me to mention them and I paid for these products with my own money. The links are not affiliate so I won't get paid if you click on it**

WHO WORE IT BETTER! Feat. Miley Cyrus, Willow Smith, A Kardashian?

    Comparing celebrities in their clothing is all the rage in magazines. I found two pictures of celebs wearing the same clothing in different ways. I am going to give my two-sense in who I think wore it better.

Credit: Katy Winn/Invision/AP; Michael Tran/FilmMagic; Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)
from the Us Weekly Magazine.
 Willow Smith, Miley Cyrus,
Rosie Huntington- Whiteley?

First off Willows outfit is a huge No-No! She definitely did not wear it best. The jumpsuit does not fit her properly, it doesn't look right. Me personally would never wear that cropped jacket with that jumpsuit, they don't mix well. So a big thumbs down for Willow. Sorry.

Now Miley, I really do like it. Since the pattern is so crazy and bold she kept very minimal accessories. It keeps the attention on the jumpsuit. I can't see the shoes so I don't know if they match but I do like the way she styled it. Since the jumpsuit is so black and white the red lip adds a really nice pop of color.

Rosie followed along the same line as Miley with minimal accessories. She has a bit more accessories though. I find the long necklace a little too much with the vertical stripes. I like the bag but I think it would look better if it was a pop of color. I do like the way she styled this though.

Overall I think Miley wore it best. It was a close tie between her and Rosie but I personally like Mileys a little bit more. Good Luck next time Rosie!
Charlize Theron, Kim Kardashian?

This one I don't really know. First off Charlie, I don't think It looks the best on her. It makes her bottom half look bigger than it is. I do like the shoes she paired with it. It puts the attention on the dress and keeps it more simple. Minus the fit of the dress I think it's very nice.

Kim, red on red? Not good. If you are going to wear a colored dress don't match your shoes to it. I personally don't like it. She should have done a contrast color or a neutral shade. I like the black nails against the red though, it adds an edge. I also think the dress looks better on her body. She looks absolutely stunning in the dress.

Overall I think Charlie has won this. I am not counting the fit in this because then Kim would obviously win, I am just judging styling. So Charlie wore it best! The red on red in Kims outfit made her lose this battle. Better Luck next time Kim!


If you would like to check out the Us Weekly website for more Who Wore it Best and much more... Click Here

**Us Weekly is not paying me to use their pictures or to mention them. I found these images on google and gave them credit. I wish Us Weekly was paying me but sadly they are not. These are all my own opinions**

My First Post

*redone; march 3, 2014*

welcome to Lifes Little Things! formerly formerly beautywarrior, formerly head2toevogue! Lifes Little Things is going to be a place of happiness, joy and safety. Where I will showcase my life through favorites, photos, recipes etc... This isn't specifically a beauty, fashion or lifestyle blog, its an everything blog. 

I will write about whatever my heart desires! So come along for the fun and enjoy the ride!

xx Sophie